How can the power of the spirit be realized in Churches? They have their prescribed limits to what is allowed to be preached and said.
    We teach of the Great Spirit, with natural laws, and are instruments who have revealed the operation of those laws, and we point to the Nazarene and say that he, an instrument of the Great Spirit, was an example of what all the children of matter could reach if they would unfold the power with which the Great Spirit has endowed them.
     Creeds, dogmas, doctrines, rituals, ceremony, stained glass, altars, mitre, cope―what have these to do with religion? Religion is in the spirit, the spirit that belongs to all Creation, which expresses itself in every rhythm and manifestation of life, that is revealed in every aspect of Nature and in the striving of all idealists and reformers who wish to serve. What has that to do with a creed?

  Teachings of Silver Birch  edited by A.W.Austen,
    Psychic Press Ltd, London, 1991,p.88


  *an example of what all the children of matter could reach 地上世界の人間がどこまで神に近づけるかを示した模範 


 82. (新しい霊感をもてるようになるのを拒まないでください)

     Learn to be free. Do not imprison yourself. Do not hedge yourself around and refuse to allow new inspiration to come to you. Truth is a constant search. Its boundaries are ever widening, for as the soul evolves the mind responds.
    You become free when you realize there is no limitation to knowledge, truth, wisdom, growth. You become free when you discard at once that which you know in your heart is false, that which reason rejects, because your intelligence cries out in revolt. You become free when you are not afraid to discard error in the face of new light.
     There is knowledge for all when you are ready to seek knowledge, but you must journey on the great adventure. You must be prepared to start on a search where even sometimes the boundaries are not known, sometimes be prepared for hazards and dangers, sometimes be prepared to walk in uncharted territory, yet always prepared to follow truth wherever she leads and to reject all that is false, no matter how old it may be.

  Teachings of Silver Birch  edited by A.W.Austen,
    Psychic Press Ltd, London, 199, p.88


   *wherever she leads 真理が導いてくれるところへはどこでも


 83. (理性が拒むものはすべて投げ捨てなければなりません)

     Your world pays too much attention to old fables because they are old. Truth and age do not always march together. I know it is difficult to surrender the dearly held beliefs learned in the days of childhood, but when the soul becomes free it must discard all that reason rejects.
     How much poorer is your world because it does not learn how to make itself more accessible to the powers of the spirit ! How much longer must we go on, trying to break down its doors of superstition and its thick walls of ignorance?
     But it will not be as long as you think. Look around and see. There are signs everywhere of decay. The proud citadel is crumbling. One day, when there are enough of you to shout, the walls will tumble down.

  Teachings of Silver Birch  edited by A.W.Austen,
    Psychic Press Ltd, London, 1991,p.89


   *to surrender the dearly held beliefs 親しみ馴染んできた信仰を捨てる


 84. (彼らは神話からあれこれ都合のよい話を取り入れたのです)

    Why are so many of the lives, deaths and resurrections of figureheads of religion, including the Christian religion, similar to those of the mythological gods whose lives were based on the phenomena of nature, such as the solar system and the seasons?

     It is because the children of earth have always borrowed from die myths of ancient times in order to invest their leaders with supernatural powers. They did not understand the operation of natural laws. They wanted the one whom they considered to be the greatest of all to be endowed with attributes beyond the reach of the other children of the Great Spirit. And so they have all borrowed from one another.
      But that does not affect the teaching which was given by the messengers of the Great Spirit who, each in his own day, reflected some of the truth, wisdom and love of the Great Spirit.

  Teachings of Silver Birch  edited by A.W.Austen,
    Psychic Press Ltd, London, 1991,p.89



  *they have all borrowed from one another  (神話から)あれこれ都合のいい話を取り入れる


 85. (聖霊に対する罪とは聖霊を否定することです)

    What is the sin against the Holy Ghost?

     The sin against the Holy Ghost is to deny the Holy Ghost.

    .What is the Holy Ghost?

      It is the power of the spirit which descends into the world of matter. Your Churches worship it in the abstract, but they reject it when it descends on millions all over the world, for it is that power which we use to commune with you. It is that power of the Great Spirit which enables, even for a short time, the world of spirit and the world of matter to become one in harmony of purpose.

  Teachings of Silver Birch  edited by A.W.Austen,
    Psychic Press Ltd, London, 1991,p.90





  *worship it in the abstract 聖霊を理論の上で(教条の上で)信奉する


 86. (神は洗礼を受けようが受けまいが何の影響も受けません)

      1 have been told that baptism in any denomination has, as its object, that when a spirit passes over, a band of spirits belonging to that denomination receive it and care for it until it is adjusted to the new conditions. If this is so, what happens to non-baptised souls?

      The power that set the universe in motion, the Spirit that breathed into a body the breath of life and made it a living soul, the Great Spirit Who is responsible for all the worlds, for all the laws of the universe, the Great Spirit Who is expressed in life in all its varying degrees, the Great Spirit Who has been revealed throughout all the ages by all the seers and the instruments, the Great Spirit Who is within all, the Great Spirit Who is behind all, is not troubled whether a man has sprinkled water or not.
     What does matter is whether the life has been lived in accordance with his highest ideals. The laws cannot be cheated because a few drops of water are sprinkled on a baby. The laws cannot be altered, for effect always follows cause.

  Teachings of Silver Birch  edited by A.W.Austen,
    Psychic Press Ltd, London, 1991,pp.90-91



  *whether a man has sprinkled water or not 人が洗礼を受けようが受けまいが
  *effect always follows cause 原因を作れば必ず結果が伴う


 87. (キリスト教徒などとはいわないでください)

   Has not Christianity produced plenty of good men?

   They would have been good just the same, whether they were Christians or not.

    But are not some good because they try to follow the teachings of Jesus?

   When your world emulates the Nazarene, a new chapter will have begun in history. It has not happened yet. I do not see any signs of it. Do not speak to me of "Christians", whose lives mock the one they profess to serve. Did not the Nazarene say: "Not every one that saith unto me, Lord, Lord, shall enter into the kingdom of heaven; but he that doeth the will of my Father which is in heaven"?

  Teachings of Silver Birch  edited by A.W.Austen,
    Psychic Press Ltd, London, 1991,p.91





 *emulates the Nazarene  ナザレのイエスに劣らぬような生き方をする


 88. (宗教というのは、本来、教義を超えたものです)

    Are there not thousands of Christians who believe the creeds superficially and who yet live very good lives and who are unselfish?

    They are not good Christians. They are bad Christians, but good men. Remember this, every creed fetters the soul. Men are not good because of creed, but in spite of creed. In the name of creed they have killed one another and they have burned one another. Anything which binds, which cramps the soul, which prevents it from having full expression, must be swept away.

     What of priests who go to leper colonies to help the sufferers there?

     They do not go because of creed, but because the soul wishes to serve. Religion is beyond creed. Creed is not religion.

  Teachings of Silver Birch  edited by A.W.Austen,
    Psychic Press Ltd, London, 1991,p.91





  Men are not good because of creed, but~ =Men are good not because of creed, but~ 
  *Religion is beyond creed. 本来の宗教というのは教義を超えたものである(教会の教えは本当の宗教ではない)。


 89. (機会あるごとに人に奉仕する、それが宗教です)

   A reply to the wireless plea of the Archbishop of Canterbury, who called for a return to organized religion, was given by Silver Birch:

   Your world has had a "Recall to Religion". Real religion is service to the Great Spirit by serving His children. To do that, you require no churches, no priests, no clergymen, no sacred books―unless they implant in your heart the desire to serve, and make you love the children of the Great Spirit more than you loved them before. Serve whenever you can. Help to lift your brother's load. That is religion.
   I only repeat the simple truth that many of you know, either instinctively or else through reason and logic. I bring the truths which I have learned in the larger realm of the spirit, where all people have to face reality, where cause and effect can be seen in their immediate operation, where only those who serve are counted as higher than those who do not. All the pretence and shams of your world are stripped away and the soul is revealed in all its nakedness, so that its strength and its weakness can be known to all.
      I come from a world where values are known, where falsity does not exist and inequality does not reign. There are no poor and no rich in my world, except those who are poor or rich in spirit. There are no mighty and no weak, except those whose souls are mighty or weak. When all the things that your world of matter praises highly have faded away into the dust of the forgotten past, the eternal realities of the spirit will endure for ever.
    Look around your world of matter, see the misery and the despair, the sorrow and the anguish. Look around and realize that there is a vast field for service. Ignorance still feigns, misused power still prevails, prejudice has still to be overcome. See the hunger and the starvation, those who "suffer" because they have too much and those who suffer because they have nothing. See the many physical bodies racked with pain, unable to express as they should the power of the Great Spirit within them. See the condition of poverty and distress, the hovels that should shame all those who regard themselves as Christians.
     And remember that your world can be a Kingdom of Heaven, that it is filled potentially with all that can transform it into a garden of peace and plenty, but it is choked by the weeds of selfishness.
     We call all of you to service, asking you to forget yourselves and your own desires, to allow that which is divine to triumph over that which is earthly, so that each one of you becomes a messenger for the Great Spirit of life. Each one of you should seek to carry on the work of reform, to bring cheer and happiness to all who need it, to wipe away all tears and to replace them with laughter, to fight all ignorance and superstition, to let knowledge reign in their place, to abolish all the darkness and to allow the light of divine truth to penetrate, to banish all fear, all mourning, all disease, so that love can rule triumphant.

  Teachings of Silver Birch  edited by A.W.Austen,
    Psychic Press Ltd, London, 1991,pp.92-93




  *in the larger realm of the spirit 地球より遥かに広大な霊界で
  *a world where values are known 価値判断の基準が誰にでもはっきりしている世界
  *to let knowledge reign in their place 無知や迷信に代わって知識がいきわたるようにする


 90. (神の使徒に対して礼拝してはならないのです)

   Was Jesus Christ "God the Son", as the Church says, or was he an ordinary man with great mediumistic powers?

     The Nazarene was a messenger of the Great Spirit who came into your world of matter in order to fulfil a mission of the Great Spirit. He fulfilled his mission on earth, but he has not yet fulfilled the rest of his mission, which is still being directed from the world of spirit. It is wrong to worship the Nazarene, for worship should be given only to the Great Spirit and not to His messengers. The Nazarene came into your world by fulfilling the natural laws which the Great Spirit had ordained, the same natural laws which all must fulfil in order to be born into your world. You cannot live, you cannot be born into your world, you cannot pass from your world into mine, except through the natural laws of the Great Spirit.

  Teachings of Silver Birch  edited by A.W.Austen,
    Psychic Press Ltd, London, 1991,p.94



  *which is still being directed from the world of spiritその使命はこの地上で果たされるべく、霊界からイエス・キリストによって今でも導かれている。


 91. (いかなる本よりもはるかに多くを学べるのがこの大宇宙です)

     Can you substantiate that by references to Bible texts?

     My appeal is only to the laws of the Great Spirit. Those who rely on the crutches of words must be left until their souls can be awakened to an understanding that the Great Spirit is still at work, still inspiring, still revealing.
     His laws are still in operation and His power can flow through instruments today, if they will allow themselves to be used for the Great Spirit, as instruments were used many, many years ago. The Bible, as you call it, is a great book. But there is a greater Bible. It is the universe, which is sustained by the laws of the Great Spirit. From that, you can learn far more than from any book in your world of matter, however great it may be, however respected it may be, however revered it may be.

  Teachings of Silver Birch  edited by A.W.Austen,
    Psychic Press Ltd, London, 1991,p.94



  *rely on the crutches of words 聖書のことばだけを支えにしている


 92. (イエスを通じて顕れてきた霊はいまでも活動しています)

    Where is Jesus now, and what is he doing?

    The spirit that worked through the Nazarene is still at work, seeking to continue the work that it started two thousand years ago, but that spirit has been crucified a thousand times since, and is being crucified almost every day. But, because that spirit is part of the Great Spirit, it will continue to spread its influence wherever there are instruments who can work for the Great Spirit to bring peace and happiness to your world of matter.

  Teachings of Silver Birch  edited by A.W.Austen,
    Psychic Press Ltd, London, 1991,p.94



  *wherever there are instruments 神の使徒たちがいるところではどこでも


 93. (イエスほど大きく神の霊性を発揮した人はいませんでした)

   When you speak of the Nazarene, do you mean the man Jesus or the spirit forces working through him?

     The man. But he has since evolved and there is now a far greater spiritual consciousness expressed through him than there was in the earthly incarnation, for the amount that he expressed then had to be in consonance with the limitation of his day. There has never been on earth anyone through whom the manifestation of the spirit has been greater than through the Nazarene. There has never been any through whom the laws have revealed themselves at so great an intensity as through the Nazarene.

     Not in two thousand years?

     No, neither before nor since. That was the greatest manifestation of the Great Spirit that your world has yet received. But we do not reverence the man as he incarnated on earth. We pay tribute to the power which operated through him. We recognize that the man is only entitled to respect in so far as he was the instrument for the power of the spirit.

  Teachings of Silver Birch  edited by A.W.Austen,
    Psychic Press Ltd, London, 1991,p.95





  *to be in consonance with the limitation of his day 時代の制約に従って
  *the man is only entitled to respect イエスだけが尊敬に値する


 94. (復活はいのちに内在する神の法則の一つなのです)

      Is the spirit world planning a further revelation by the sending of another teacher like Jesus?

      Different methods are being used to suit the different needs. You must remember that your world has become more complex, more interdependent, and more channels of communication have had to be opened. We have to meet with different temperaments and different habits, thoughts, ways and modes of life. Our message has to be adapted to national environments and characteristics, to racial habits. It has to be given in the language and the limitations of a variety of peoples. But behind the focus of the power is the same driving force.
      Your Christian world pays its tribute to one who rose from the "dead", who was seen after his "death", who demonstrated that life continues beyond "death". The Nazarene demonstrated that he was the same individual and he gave as proofs, in the materialized body, the earthly marks of the crucifixion. After that, he revealed himself again.
    Your Christian world believes all that, though it cannot prove it. But it says it was a miracle! We have returned through the same laws to demonstrate the life beyond death, to show that the Great Spirit is eternal and the operation of His laws immutable, that even as one was resurrected so are all resurrected, because resurrection is a law of the Great Spirit of life.

  Teachings of Silver Birch  edited by A.W.Austen,
    Psychic Press Ltd, London, 1991,pp.95-96



  *one who rose from the "dead" あなた方のいう「死人」の中から生き返った人(本当は死人などはいない)
  *even as one was resurrected so are all resurrected 一人が生き返ったように、すべての人間も生き返る



   Truth is most easily understood when you become as little children and allow your minds to become freed from all the misconceptions that come from the errors of the past.
     Truth comes when, like a little child, you seek with simplicity, with the desire not to establish a new creed or doctrine but only to find that which is true, no matter how great the sacrifice involved.
     Those who have promised loyalty to certain teachings are not in the best position to find truth, for sometimes the soul struggles hard between its allegiance to that which it has sworn to believe and that for which its mind strives in order to give it satisfaction.

  Teachings of Silver Birch  edited by A.W.Austen,
    Psychic Press Ltd, London, 1991,p.97


    *the errors of the past 過去の間違った教え


 96 (復活は一人の人間の占有物ではありません)

    When the twenty-five theologians who had been examining Church beliefs for fifteen years, in the hope of arriving at some sort of conformity within the Church of England, published their weighty report, "Doctrine In The Church of England", in January, 1938, Silver Birch was asked to comment on some extracts which were read to him. The extracts are printed in italics:

       *  *  *  *

  (1) The Resurrection of Jesus is an act of God wholly unique in human history.

   Did it take fifteen years to arrive at that conclusion? How true it is that those who betray the Nazarene are those who call themselves Christians !

   Resurrection is part of the law of life. Resurrection comes to every soul when it is resurrected from the body of matter when death arrives. Resurrection belongs to no one man. It belongs to all the children of the Great Spirit, for everyone in turn must pass through the portal of death, leaving behind the body of matter, and begin a new life in the realm of spirit, in the body of spirit, which has been preparing itself all the time.
    The Nazarene did nothing contrary to natural law. He came to fulfil the Law, and all his actions and all his teachings were part of the Law. Did he not say: "All these things shall ye do and greater things than these shall ye do"? If you elevate the Nazarene to so remote and inaccessible a place in the high heavens that no child of the Great Spirit can reach him, then you have destroyed the whole value of his mission, for the essence of the Nazarene's life was to demonstrate what could be achieved by all the children of the Great Spirit if they would but allow the fullness of the Great Spirit to reveal itself in their lives.
    And when he passed to the world of spirit he returned, as many returned before him and as countless thousands have returned since. There is nothing unique in the universe, for the laws of the Great Spirit are always in operation, and the mere fact that anything has ever happened is proof of the existence of law.


           *  *  *  *

  (1) イエスの復活は人類史上で空前絶後の神のみ業である。



  * ~is proof of the existence of law この法則が存在している証し(この法則があるからこそおこり得た)


 97. (魂は洗礼によってはなんの影響も受けません)

  (2)  Baptism, even infant baptism, is a means of deliverance from the domination of influences which predispose to sin. In the life of the unbaptised saint there is a defect.

   No priest possesses the power of magic, to make of water anything but water. Because a priest takes drops of water and sprinkles it on the brow of a child, he does not in any way do anything which affects the child's life in your world or mine. Those drops of water were drops of water before and they were drops of water afterwards. The priest has no power to change their chemical constituents and to make them do something which is contrary to the Law.
    The soul is unaffected by baptism, for none has the power to evolve your soul for you. That you must do for yourself, by the quality of the life that you live in the world of matter. The effects of your actions cannot be removed by any other, but only by the compensation that you make and the retribution that you have to suffer.
    Saintliness has nothing whatever to do with baptism. Saintliness consists of allowing the Great Spirit to shine through your life, so that you achieve as much of perfection in daily life as you can reach whilst you are in the world of matter.

 (2) 洗礼は、幼児洗礼の場合でも、罪を犯しやすい強い傾向から人間を救い出す一つの手段である。聖者も洗礼を受けていなければその生き方には欠陥がある。


  *to evolve your soul for you. あなたの魂をあなたの代わりに進化させる


 98. (奇跡などはないのです)

 (3) God could work miracles if He pleased, but the commission is divided as to whether or not miraculous events occur.

    Would they have been sure if they had deliberated for another fifteen years? How piteous a spectacle, the blind leading the blind! These are your teachers and they cannot tell you whether or not these things happen! There are no miracles. There never have been miracles. There never will be miracles.
    The Great Spirit is the Great Spirit, and the laws of the Great Spirit are perfect in their operation. They were conceived by Perfection. If the Great Spirit has to suspend the laws that Perfection created, then chaos must result. If the Great Spirit has to interfere in the scheme of creation to provide for events which He has not foreseen, then the Great Spirit ceases to be Perfection. The Great Spirit becomes imperfect. If the Great Spirit has to perform a miracle to bestow favours on some, then the Great Spirit is a partial deity and not the Infinite Spirit of all life. How they belittle the Great Spirit with their puny conceptions !
    Because they are ignorant of the higher laws, because they do not know the power of the spirit, because they themselves are not touched by that power which comes from our realms, they cannot understand these happenings wrought through mediums.
    Because they seem to think that the events of the days of the days of the Nazarene contradict what is known today of the physical laws, they are compelled to think of miracles. Yet, if they understood the operation of the laws of the spirit, they would see that the Great Spirit is the same yesterday, today and for ever, and that His power is available and accessible to all who enable His gifts to be exercised in their lives.

  Teachings of Silver Birch  edited by A.W.Austen,
    Psychic Press Ltd, London, 1991,pp.99-100

 (3) 神はお望みならいつでも奇跡を起こすことが出来る。ただ、この「検討委員会」では、いろいろな奇跡が本当に起こるのかどうかについては、意見が分かれた。


  * They were conceived by Perfection それらの法則は、完全者(完全無欠を強調した神の別称)によって創られた
  *they are ignorant of the higher laws 人智を超えた(霊界の)法則に無知である


 99. (神は完全無欠ですから神の啓示にも終わりはないのです)

  (4) From the Christian standpoint the Bible is unique, as being the inspired record of a unique revelation.

     How dark are their minds! How they are engulfed in the inky blackness of superstition! How thick is the wall that surrounds them! How deeply they have entrenched themselves behind the fortress of superstition!
    Ever since your world of matter has been the world of matter, teachers have come to reveal the Great Spirit to His children. They have spoken the language of their day. The revelation was adapted to die demands of their day, to the country in which they lived, to the stage of growth and development of the people. It had to be given in such a manner as it was capable of being understood―not too high, so as to be beyond their reach.
     But always the process of evolution has been at work and, as the children of the Great Spirit have evolved and grown, so new teachers arose, new seers, new prophets and new visionaries, each with his visions, his dreams, his prophecies, his message, his inspiration, his truth, his teaching adapted to the needs of his day. There is no finality in revelation, for the Great Spirit is perfect.
     The revelation of today is in line with the revelation of yesterday. We do not deny the truths taught by the Nazarene. The Nazarene did not deny the truths taught by Moses. And those who will come after us, in die world of your tomorrow, will not deny the truths taught by us today.
    But, because the children of tomorrow will be at a higher stage of evolution, the truth that is to be revealed to them must be more progressive than the truth that is revealed to you today.

  Teachings of Silver Birch  edited by A.W.Austen,
    Psychic Press Ltd, London, 1991,p.101

 (4) キリスト教徒の立場からみると、聖書は他に例のない神の啓示の記録であるという点で、極めて独特である。


  *Ever since your world of matter has been the world of matter この地上世界が地上世界として存在し始めた時以来(開闢以来)


 100. (あなた方は神の中にいるのです)

 (5) For him (the Christian), Christ is the one, and the necessary mediator. Christ's access to the Father was direct; we have our access to the Father through Him.

    No. The Great Spirit is within you. You are in the Great Spirit. "The kingdom of heaven is within," taught the Nazarene. How little they know of their own Christian teachings! You are never separated from the Great Spirit. The Great Spirit is never separated from you.
    There is nothing you can ever do, no vile crime that you can commit of so degrading an intensity that can ever cut you off from the Great Spirit. The tie that binds you to the Great Spirit is imperishable and therefore you can never be lost.
    You approach the Great Spirit direct, as you learn to allow the Great Spirit to express Himself in your lives. Each one of you has a portion of the Great Spirit and you require nobody to stand between you and the Great Spirit of life.
    That was not the purpose of the Nazarene. He came to teach the people how to live their lives, that the fullness of the Great Spirit might be expressed.
     Theology is the curse of the world of matter. It puts mankind in shackles. It puts his soul in prison. To be freed, he must learn to sever himself from all limiting creeds and restrictive dogmas and to find the unfettered truth that comes in spiritual inspiration. The mind of man cannot exceed the inspiration of the Great Spirit.

  Teachings of Silver Birch  edited by A.W.Austen,
    Psychic Press Ltd, London, 1991,p.102

  (5) キリスト教徒にとって、イエスは唯一で不可欠の仲介者である。イエスは神と直接に結ばれているが、われわれキリスト教徒は、イエスを通じて神に近づくことが出来る。



  * That was not the purpose of the Nazarene イエスは神と人間との間の仲介者になるつもりではなかった。
  *unfettered truth 何ものにも囚われることのない本当の真理


 101. (あなた方は死んでも火葬されても生きていきます)

  (6) The Resurrection confirms man’s hope of immortality.

    So much to learn! So much to learn! You live because you have part of the Great Spirit within you. Matter only exists because of spirit. Spirit is the eternal reality. Spirit is indestructible, imperishable, immortal, infinite.
    You will live beyond the grave, beyond the fire of cremation, because you are spirit. Nothing in the world of matter, nothing in the realms of spirit, can destroy the imperishable divinity which is yours, the gift of life conferred on you by your entry into this world.
    Because you are a spirit, you live. Because you are a spirit you survive the grave. Because you are a spirit you will continue to live for ever and for ever. It has nothing to do with any teacher. It is part of your birthright, part of your heritage.
    They would seek to limit the Great Spirit, the Divine Architect, the Power which maintains the whole universe in all its multitudinous expressions―to what? To one being who lived for thirty-three years in the world of matter. And they would seek to restrict His bounty to those who espouse a creed. Oh, no! Oh, no! They shame the meaning of the word "Religion". Did they but know it, they make the Nazarene weep tears of bitterness and sorrow, and they continue to crucify him.
    You are not the salt of the earth because you call yourselves Christians. You are not the salt of the earth because you belong to a Church. You will not be judged in my world by the label you have worn on earth. Your championship of a creed will not matter. All that will be of any account is one thing―how much of the Great Spirit have you expressed whilst you were on earth?

    Teachings of Silver Birch  edited by A.W.Austen,
    Psychic Press Ltd, London, 1991,pp.102-103

 (6) イエス・キリストの復活は、人間の不死に対する希望を強くする。


   * Did they but know it = If they know it only
   * will be of any account = will be important


 102. (決して自分の責任を他の人へ転嫁してはなりません)

  (7) Fundamental to the Christian doctrine of the Atonement is the conviction that it is essentially the work of God, who, in Christ, reconciles mankind to Himself.

   Is this a repetition of the old teaching of the atonement? Does it mean that a jealous and angry god had to be appeased by the blood sacrifice of the one he loved? Does it mean that the Great Spirit is more cruel and more heartless than an angry human being? Does it mean that the Great Spirit demands blood to be shed to reconcile Himself with His children? How pitiable a conception is this of the Great Spirit and of the mission of the Nazarene !
    Must blood be shed to appease the Great Spirit, of Whom it was taught by the Nazarene He was full of the love and mercy and gentleness of a loving Father? You are all placed in the world of matter to build your own characters and accomplish your own soul evolution.
    If you choose the paths of selfishness you must pay the price. If you choose the paths of service, you receive the reward that comes in the growth of character. It is all fixed by the operation of Law, and not even the greatest of the great teachers can alter the operation of those laws.
    All else is a doctrine of cowardice and injustice. If you have done wrong, be a man and pay the price! Do not attempt to shelve your responsibilities on to the back of another. In our world, the saint, the altruist, has reached a higher level than the selfish man because his soul has grown much more. How else could it be? Could one man be selfish and reach, after what you call death, the same level as he who devoted his whole life to service? Is it thus that you would mock the Great Spirit and His perfect justice?
    Of course not. Life is what you make it. No matter what your sphere, no matter what your occupation, whether you be born of high or low parentage, whatever your rank or title, your colour or race or nationality, you all have opportunities for service. If you neglect them you pay the price, and none can interfere.
   Let me finish by quoting the words of the Nazarene: "That which a man sows he must reap."

  Teachings of Silver Birch  edited by A.W.Austen,
    Psychic Press Ltd, London, 1991,pp.103-104

 (7) 十字架の贖罪というキリスト教の教えにとって重要なことは、それが本質的には神のみ業であると確信することである。神はイエスを通じて、人間との和解を図られた。



  *Is it thus that you would mock~ (それなのに)そのように~を軽視できるのか


 103. (嘆きや悲しみによってこそ魂は強められるのです)

   Just as the seed is put into darkness, there to gain strength before it can burst into life, the seed of human life is put into darkness to obtain the strength of human experience before it can burst into the life of the spirit.
    All the experiences of human life are part of the great scheme. Those experiences which you like least of all―sadness, bitterness, tears, disappointments, suffering and pain―are very valuable for your souls.
    But you cannot realize that at the time. It is only when you can look back on the whole, and not judge by the part, that you can get a clear picture of the values of life. Through all your adversities the character is tried. Through tears and sorrow the soul is strengthened.

  Teachings of Silver Birch  edited by A.W.Austen,
    Psychic Press Ltd, London, 1991,p.107


   *the seed of human life is put into darkness この暗い地上世界に生を享ける(生命を授かる)
   *at the time (苦しんでいる)その時には


 104. (人間の自由意志でさえ神の法則の一部です)

   We look at life not through physical eyes but with the knowledge of spirit life, where the true balance is struck. Those who live wisely are the ones who seek to turn all experiences into advantage to their souls, who do not try to flee from trial and temptation but seek to use the innermost strength to face difficulties, for it is in that spirit that character is evolved and strengthened.

   The Law is perfect, automatic in its operation. Nobody can evade the Law. Even free will is a law, and its operation is known to those who can see because they have reached that stage of evolution.
   You can only exercise your free will according to the stage of evolution you have reached. It would be impossible for you to do anything but that which you do, because it is determined by the stage of evolution of your soul.

  Teachings of Silver Birch  edited by A.W.Austen,
    Psychic Press Ltd, London, 1991,pp.107-108


  *where the true balance is struck  偏らない真実がいきわたっている(霊の目で真実の姿がみえる)


 105. (あなた方は神性を無限に発揮することが出来ます)

   You are part of the Great Spirit and have an infinity of divinity to express. As that divinity is expressed, so you become accessible to higher laws―which do not contravene other laws, but are only accessible to you as your evolution unfolds.
   There is no limit in infinity. There is no limit to the perfection of beauty, to the splendour of music, and the higher the soul is raised in the scale of evolution, the greater is the world of beauty and harmony available to it. As you rise, so a greater field of harmony awaits the evolved soul.
     You are not conscious of the higher whilst you are in the lower, but you are conscious of the lower whilst you are in the higher. Whilst all the laws that control every aspect of that harmony are automatic in their operation, they are not available to you until you have reached them by soul growth.
   Your past growth places you in the position of choosing future growth. But you can delay it. What you will do at any moment is determined by the interplay of laws, each of which is automatic in its operation. And your choice is determined by the way that your consciousness responds at that stage of evolution. The soul, if it is aware of itself, chooses that which will advance its evolution.

  Teachings of Silver Birch  edited by A.W.Austen,
    Psychic Press Ltd, London, 1991,p.108


  *Your past growth places you in the position of choosing future growth。あなた方の過去の進歩が未来の進歩を選ぶ立場を決める。


 106. (どこまでも上には上があり際限はありません)

      I, whom you call Silver Birch, represent only a small portion of the knowledge that belongs to the infinity of the spheres. As you grow, other teachers greater than I can use me to impart higher knowledge and wisdom to you.
    There is no final stage. There is no perfection. You are evolving and I am, and those higher than I say that there are working behind them higher ones still.
      There is no final height, for if you achieved the end, creation would cease.
      For many millions of years you have evolved your body of matter, changing slowly but gradually from lower to higher states, evolving, reaching out, climbing out of the mud towards the skies.
      Slowly, the beast has been left behind and the Great Spirit has begun to emerge. How many millions of years has it taken you to reach what you are today in your bodies of matter?  And that evolution is not yet finished. How many millions of years can you spend in the evolution of your souls?

  Teachings of Silver Birch  edited by A.W.Austen,
    Psychic Press Ltd, London, 1991,p.109


  *climbing out of the mud towards the skies  土くれの状態から抜け出して大空へ向かって伸びていく


 107. (地上最低の犯罪者も地上最高の善人とは兄弟です)

   Not long ago, you were monkeys―not the monkeys, actually, but the spirit which works through them. It is all part of the Great Spirit. Wherever you have life, you have the breath of the Great Spirit, otherwise there would not be life. There are grades of that breath. There is development and unfoldment, there is transition from the lower to the higher.
   But it is all the breath of the Great Spirit. That is why the lowest form of life in the lowest part of the world of matter is linked with the Great Spirit and with the highest saint whoever trod the earth, because of the breath of the Great Spirit within them all. The worst criminal in your world and the most beautiful soul are brothers, because of that breath of the Great Spirit within them all. You cannot escape the Law. That is why you are all responsible for each other.
   There is a "group spirit" of each species. It is not you who have been the monkey, the fish or the bird, but the spirit which works through you, of which you are a part.

  Teachings of Silver Birch  edited by A.W.Austen,
    Psychic Press Ltd, London, 1991,pp.109-110


    *of which you are a part  =you are a part of the spirit


 108. (あなた方は魂の問題を外から判断してはいけません)

    Why are children born with defects, such as being crippled or blind, through no fault of their own?

     You must not judge the soul from without. You must not confuse the evolution of the soul with the evolution of the body which it uses on your plane.
   Although there is what you call a defect, which is caused by the natural law of inheritance from the father or the mother, or both, it does not interfere with the soul's evolution.
     You will find, usually, that those who start their material lives with a material defect have in their souls a compensating principle. They exhibit in their characters more kindness, toleration and gentleness to others. There is an eternal principle of compensation. There is nothing that escapes the law of cause and effect.
     Because those who are the physical parents have the responsibility of providing the materials for the bodies of the coming race, it is their duty to hand on that which should be as perfect as possible. But, if they neglect their responsibilities, the Law cannot be altered.

  Teachings of Silver Birch  edited by A.W.Austen,
    Psychic Press Ltd, London, 1991,pp.110-111



  *the materials for the bodies 身体を構成する諸要素(の揃った健全な身体)

 109. (神の法則は魂の進化の程度に応じて働きます)

     If a person is insane and is not a responsible being, how does he get on when he passes to the Other Side, since we are all judged by our characters and the manner in which we have stood our tests?

    You confuse the things of matter with the things of spirit. When the brain cells are out of order, they cause confusion in your world. The soul knows its own responsibility even if it cannot express itself in your world because the machinery has gone wrong.

   The laws of the Great Spirit work according to the evolution of the soul. The soul is not judged from the standards of earth, but from the standards of eternal wisdom. The soul that wrongs your worldly standard may be judged wrongly from your worldly standards, but if a soul is not responsible, then it is not accounted in the spirit life as in your world.
     It is the same with those, who, in moments of madness, as you call it, take others' lives or their own. They cannot be blamed because the machinery has gone wrong. In my world, the true standard is the standard of the soul's motive. Where that is concerned, there is no mistake.

  Teachings of Silver Birch  edited by A.W.Austen,
    Psychic Press Ltd, London, 1991,p.111




  *Where that is concerned, there is no mistake. 裁きの基準を魂の動機に置くことについては、間違うことはない(常にその通りで例外はない)。


 110. (奉仕の機会は貧富に関わらず誰にでも訪れます)

    In our world, some children are born in a slum atmosphere of drink, mental, moral and physical filth, and are faced with a life of hard, monotonous labour, while others grow up surrounded by beautiful things and have a delightful preparation for life. How is the unfairness of such cases taken into account?

     The soul registers its own evolution. People in your world judge always by material standards and not by the expression of the soul. To all, whether born in low or high estate, come opportunities for service, for the soul to find itself and to express its own divinity. That is the only standard of judgment. All things in your world, judged by a material standard, seem to produce inequalities, but the true compensation is the compensation of the soul, which learns to express itself through all difficulties.

     But why does a bad person have a good time?

     You judge once again by your worldly standards. How do you know that the soul of the one who has a good time is not miserable, is not tortured, is not racked with anguish and pain? Because you see a smiling face, because you see luxury surround that person? Do purple and fine linen go hand in hand with a satisfied soul? Eternal standards are the standards of the spirit, if not of the world of matter. Otherwise there would be no justice.

   But surely it is easier for a soul to express good motives when surrounded by a good environment, rather than in surroundings where sin, hunger and everything that is low predominate?

      I do not agree with you, because I see that nearly always the great souls of your world have been born of low estate. All the great masters of your world have come from low estate. The more difficulties that the soul has to struggle against, the greater the soul can become. It is in the struggle against circumstances that the soul comes into its own. Try to judge not from without but from within.

  Teachings of Silver Birch  edited by A.W.Austen,
    Psychic Press Ltd, London, 1991,pp.112-113







   *purple and fine linen 贅沢な生活(purpleは王侯貴族の色)
       * the soul comes into its own 魂が本来の真価を発揮する(輝く)


 111. (霊界へ移っても何百年も進歩しない霊たちが大勢います)

    Has the human spirit evolved simultaneously with the evolution of physical life?

      It has evolved, but not on the same pathway, because it was necessary for a certain amount of evolution to take place in the physical body before the spirit could express itself.

      As we can progress after 'death' if we will, is it possible to sink to a lower level by sinful motives after 'death''?

      Oh, yes. There are many who do not progress for hundreds and sometimes thousands of years who are still filled with the desires of earth even when they have passed to the world of spirit. Their lives are filled with greed and desire, and they seek not to understand the laws of the spirit.  The things of the spirit make no impression upon them, for they are still of the earth earthy and they sink from lower planes to still lower planes.

      Does a soul ever sink so low that it is extinguished altogether?

      No. It may reach a stage where the spark of the Great Spirit within it is but a small flicker, but the light never goes out, for the link which binds it to the Great Spirit is a link forged in eternity. No soul descends so low that it cannot rise. No soul is so high that it cannot descend to help the lowest.

  Teachings of Silver Birch  edited by A.W.Austen,
    Psychic Press Ltd, London, 1991,p.113







       *they are still of the earth earthy 彼らはまだ地上的で(地上生活の習慣から抜け出せず)、物質的である(物質にとらわれている)


 112. (進歩していけばいくほど自分が至らないことを知るものです)

     Does the individual lose his or her individuality after passing through the various spheres, eventually merging with the Great Spirit, and then being redistributed in various forms through material and other substances?

     I know of none that has yet reached a stage so perfect that he can be merged into Perfection. The more you perfect yourself, the more you find still to be perfected, for you are allowing more of your consciousness to be revealed. Because your consciousness is part of the Great Spirit it is infinite, always stretching out to reach to infinity. We know nothing of ultimate perfection.

    Is it not a fact that, as individuals progress, they tend to become merged into group personalities, losing their own identity in that of the group?

     Not as far as I know. What does happen is that, in order for certain work to he accomplished, those who are of one mind pool their knowledge and their resources, allowing one to act as their spokesman on behalf of the rest. While that happens, they all sink their identity into the one, but that is only temporary.

  Teachings of Silver Birch  edited by A.W.Austen,
    Psychic Press Ltd, London, 1991,p.113-114





  *you are allowing more of your consciousness to be revealed 意識をそれだけ余計に拡大させていこうとする


 113. (これらの動物は死んだ後も私たちと一緒に生き続けたのです)

   Have you any knowledge of the survival of lower animals, other than pets?

     Yes, I have. There were many animals which were friends of ours when we lived on earth and who were, to us, what your dogs and your cats are to you. These animals, where they learned to express a personality, survived with us. But that survival is not eternal. It lasts only for a time, and then the animal goes on to merge with the group spirit which perpetuates the species. You must understand that all the children of the Great Spirit, because they have the power of the Great Spirit, can transmit the power to survive the change called death to those whose consciousness has not yet been expressed in evolution. You can make it possible for the evolution to express itself before its time because of the love that you show.

  Teachings of Silver Birch  edited by A.W.Austen,
    Psychic Press Ltd, London, 1991,p.114



 * who were, to us, what your dogs and your cats are to you 犬や猫があなた方に親しまれているように、私たちに馴染んでいた(動物たち)


 114. (死は魂が自由になることができる偉大な瞬間なのです)

     Why does God allow earthquakes and volcanoes?

     When you say: "Why does God allow?" you must remember that you are trying to question the operation of natural law. I only seek to teach the Law and the experiences I have had of the Law. What you call earthquakes are part of the cleansing process in the evolution of the material world. The world of matter has not yet reached a stage of perfection in evolution.

   In that case, thousands of innocent victims have to suffer because of the earth's evolution. Is that just?

    I do not see that what you call death is a disaster. To me, it is the great hour of freedom for the soul.

   Do you mean that all the people killed in earthquakes are at that particular stage where they are ready for death?

     Yes, but they are there because of what has happened in their past lives in your world.

     Are there other worlds inhabited by human beings more-or less-advanced spiritually than ourselves?

     Oh, yes. There are plenty of worlds inhabited by those who are in advance of your world of matter. This planet you call earth is only one of many planets in the vast universe. There is one planet less spiritually advanced than you.

  Teachings of Silver Birch  edited by A.W.Austen,
    Psychic Press Ltd, London, 1991,p.116









       *they are there because of what has happened in their past lives 過去生で起きてきた様々な出来事が原因となって、彼らは、その結果、地震の場にいる。(ただし、そのために死んでも、死そのものは不幸ではない)


 115. (乗り越えることの出来ない困難や障害は何一つないのです)

    Why is it that sometimes we want to follow a line of our work that we think is important and we find continual obstruction to our plans?

      All the things that are worth doing and worth achieving are those that are the most difficult to perform. The path of attainment is not an easy one. It is full of difficulties, of obstructions, of hamperings that come in the way.
      Those things are part of the building of character, so that in the way you face your difficulties is determined the growth of the soul. If you could allow the highest that is within you to express itself without difficulty, it would have little value.
     Do not despair. Remember there is no difficulty or obstacle that crosses your path that is so strong that you cannot overcome it by the use of the latent powers that you have within you. Even the difficulties that others place in your path can be swept aside if you will but allow all that is within you to rise and become the master.
     Your world does not understand that you express so little of yourself while you are in the world of matter.

  Teachings of Silver Birch  edited by A.W.Austen,
    Psychic Press Ltd, London, 1991,pp.116-117



  * part of the building of character 人格形成の役割を担っている
       * you express so little of yourself (神の子としての)偉大な能力をほとんど使っていない


 116. (もっと素晴らしい生活が霊界にはあるのです)

    Of what use is the earth life of all the countless millions of human babies who perish at, or soon after, birth by infanticide or otherwise?

      As long as people judge eternal principles by material standards they will never understand these things. The wisest of your wise do not see beyond earthly knowledge. When the light of spiritual knowledge reaches them through their evolution, then they will see the Plan which is, as yet, not revealed to them. They see through a glass darkly, and so they do not understand.
    Would you attempt to judge the life of a schoolboy only by the years that he goes to school, and ignore that greater life which starts beyond his school? There is a greater life than the one in which you live―a world of beauty, a world of colour, a world of love, a world of labour, a world where every sincere desire finds expression, where every creative impulse can express itself, where everything that cannot be fulfilled in your world is able to realize itself. Until you have seen this world, you cannot criticize the Great Spirit.

  Teachings of Silver Birch  edited by A.W.Austen,
    Psychic Press Ltd, London, 1991,p.117



  * beyond his school 学校から離れたところにある 
  * There is a greater life than~ もっと素晴らしい(霊界の)生活がある


 117. (進化の過程ではあなた方はまだ子どもです)

    Those high spirits with whom you take counsel, do they sometimes come here?

      No. They are all links in a great chain. As my medium is a link between you and me, and I am a link between you and those beyond me, so they are links between me and those who are beyond them. So it stretches into the inner realms of spirit, much further than my eyes can reach.

      Will we ever reach the very highest of all?

      No. You do not understand. In your world, you can only manifest a small portion of yourself. You cannot express the whole of your soul because it does not yet possess a vehicle of expression. The more I go back into the inner spheres, the more I express of that which is me. That is why we go back at Christmas and at Easter, to get something of our real individuality.
      You are all children of evolution. That is why you mourn. You should remember that those you love go to express more of themselves in my world.

  Teachings of Silver Birch  edited by A.W.Austen,

Psychic Press Ltd, London, 1991,p.118





  * You cannot express the whole of your soul 魂の全体を表現できない(魂のもつ無限の能力を発揮できない)


 118.  (それでいてあなた方はなお死を恐れるのです)

   You have not tasted the joys of the world of spirit. There is nothing in your world of matter with which you can compare the life of the spirit, freed from the trammels of the flesh, escaped from the prison of the body of matter, with liberty to go where you will, to see your thoughts take shape, to follow out the desires of your heart, to be freed from the troubles of money. No, you have not tasted the joys of the world of spirit.
    You who are encased in matter, do not yet comprehend beauty as it can be. You have not seen our light, colour, scenery, trees, birds, rivers, streams, mountains, flower―and yet your world fears death.

  Teachings of Silver Birch  edited by A.W.Austen,
    Psychic Press Ltd, London, 1991,p.120


  * and yet your world fears death それでいて、あなた方は、なお死を恐れる


 119. (あなた方は死んで初めて生きていくことになるのです)

    Death strikes terror into their hearts. But you will only begin to live when you are "dead". Now you live, but in reality you are almost dead. So many are dead to the things of the spirit. The little life-force flickers in their puny bodies, but no spiritual things can find any response within them. But gradually we make progress. Gradually the force of the spirit increases in strength all over your world of matter. Gradually darkness retreats, as it must when confronted by the light of spiritual truth.
    There are no words to compare the life in your world of matter with the life in the world of spirit. We who are "dead" know so much more of life than you do.

  Teachings of Silver Birch  edited by A.W.Austen,
    Psychic Press Ltd, London, 1991,pp.120-121


   * when you are "dead"  人々が死んだ時(本当は死んではいないのだが)
  *gradually we make progress  この “we” は、(霊界から指導している私達を含めて)地上の人々は


 120. (この霊界では言葉という不便なものはいりません)

   This is the world where the artist finds all his dreams come true, where the painter and the poet realize their ambition, where genius has full power of expression, where the repressions of earth are swept away and all gifts and talents are used in the service of one another.
     This is the world where there are no clumsy words to express inspiration, but where thought is the living language and reveals itself with lightning rapidity.
   This is the world where we have no money to worry us where there is no competition, no driving of the weaker to, the wall, where the strong are strong because they have something to give to those less fortunate than themselves.
     We have no unemployment, we have no slums, we have no selfishness. We have no sects, we have only one religion. We have no sacred books, only the operation of the divine laws to instruct us.

  Teachings of Silver Birch  edited by A.W.Austen,
    Psychic Press Ltd, London, 1991,p.121


  * no driving of the weaker to =no driving to the weaker
      * we have only one religion  ただ一つの(人に奉仕するという愛の)宗教を持っているだけ