41. (地上で偉大な者が霊界でも偉大なのではありません)

   But through bitter travail and tears, through bloodshed and sorrow, they must learn them, if they will not learn them any other way. I would rather that you learn them as we seek to express them, in all love, in all desire of service to one another. But if you will not learn through the ways of the spirit, then you must pay die price for attempting to live against the Law. The great ones of your world are not the great ones of my world. We see greatness as greatness of soul, greatness of spirit, greatness in desire to serve. These things will endure long after the glitter of the material world has disappeared.

  Teachings of Silver Birch  edited by A.W.Austen,
    Psychic Press Ltd, London, 1991, p.59


    * die price 厳しい代償


 42. (自由意志というのは神からの贈りものです)

      Free will is a gift of the Great Spirit, but if it is not used aright then the price must be paid. If the world lives with the Law, it reaps the benefits. If it lives against the Law, it reaps the results. One way brings peace and happiness and plenty, the other way misery and war and bloodshed and chaos.

  Teachings of Silver Birch  edited by A.W.Austen,
    Psychic Press Ltd, London, 1991, pp.59-60


    * aright =rightly


 43. (私たちは奉仕を心がけているすべての人々の味方です)

      We are despised in your world of matter by those who should be the teachers of the children of the Great Spirit. We are rejected by those who should welcome us because we come in the name of the Great Spirit and His love. Filled with the desire to serve, we seek to reveal those laws and that power which will show your world how to save itself.
      And those who are steeped in the ignorance of spiritual blindness, and who surround themselves with ceremony and ritual, and at the same time deny the power of the Great Spirit to descend today, must pay the price. We are the friends of all who seek to serve. We are the enemies only of those who seek to destroy. We come on wings of love and service ready to help wherever we can. That is the great task that we all have to perform.

  Teachings of Silver Birch  edited by A.W.Austen,
    Psychic Press Ltd, London, 1991, p.60


    * to descend today 地上に降って(いま目の前にある)


 44. (あなた方は神であり神はあなた方なのですから)

    There are tendencies, vibrations, but these are not insuperable. You are surrounded by radiations and influences, much of which can affect your destiny, but the Great Spirit has provided you with part of Himself, a part of His spirit which, when your free will is properly used according to your evolution, can enable you to conquer all that stands in the way of the fullest expression of that part of the Great Spirit that is within you. For you are the Great Spirit and the Great Spirit is you.

  Teachings of Silver Birch  edited by A.W.Austen,
    Psychic Press Ltd, London, 1991, pp.60-61


     * all that stands in the way of ~を妨げるあらゆる障害


 45. (神はあなた方のうちに霊的成長の種を蒔かれました)

     The Great Spirit has planted the seed within you, but you arc the gardener and it depends on your efforts whether and when the fullness of the flower is able to express itself. There is always your free will. If you keep the seed in the darkness and do not give it the light of soul-growth, of charity, of service, then the Great Spirit is not being expressed through you.

  Teachings of Silver Birch  edited by A.W.Austen,
    Psychic Press Ltd, London, 1991, p.61


  * the seed  (霊的成長の)種
  * give it the light of soul-growth  その種に霊的進化の光を与える


 46. (物的なものに眼を向ければ混乱が見えるだけなのです)

    Every experience is part of the pattern of your life. You try to judge eternity by temporal happenings. You see in matter apparent confusion, but you do not realize that a divine thread runs throughout all your lives.

  Teachings of Silver Birch  edited by A.W.Austen,
    Psychic Press Ltd, London, 1991, p.61


    * temporal happenings この世での様々な出来事


 47. (この大宇宙には調和という神の法則がゆきわたっています)

     In the great universe where harmony is the Law, each one of you contributes to the Plan. The events in your lives, sometimes of bitterness and despair, of pain and misery, all play their part in preparing the soul gradually for the path that is being trodden.

  Teachings of Silver Birch  edited by A.W.Austen,
    Psychic Press Ltd, London, 1991, p.61


  * all play their part みんな役割を果たしている(役立っている)


 48. (人生での様々な困苦は霊性を高めていくための道程です)

    The darkness and the light, the shadow and the sunshine, are all but reflections of one whole. Without shadow there could be no light and without light there could be no shadow. The difficulties of life are steps which enable the soul to rise. Difficulties, obstacles, handicaps―these are the trials of the soul. And when it conquers them all, it rises stronger, more purified, deepened in intensity and more highly evolved.

  Teachings of Silver Birch  edited by A.W.Austen,
    Psychic Press Ltd, London, 1991, pp.61-62


    * one whole すべては一である、一である全体。


 49. (苦難や痛みもなく魂の内在の力が発現出来るとお考えですか)

      Do you think that the latent powers of the soul, infinite in their possibilities of expression, could realize themselves without difficulty and pain, without shadow, without sorrow, and without suffering and misery?  Of course not.
      The joy and the laughter can only be enjoyed to the full when once you have drained the cup of sorrow to the dregs, for as low as you can fall in the scale of life so correspondingly you can rise. The more you have tasted and experienced that which seems the shadow of earthly life, the more you will appreciate, because of it, the greater joys of the sunshine.

  Teachings of Silver Birch  edited by A.W.Austen,
    Psychic Press Ltd, London, 1991, p.62


   *drained the cup of sorrow to the dregs  悲しみの杯を飲み干す(人生の辛酸を嘗め尽くす)


 50. (様々な出来事はあなた方の進歩のために必要な出来事です)

     Your experiences are all part of your evolution. One day, freed from the trammels of flesh, with eyes not clouded by matter, you will look back in retrospect and view the life you have lived on earth. And out of the jigsaw of all the events, you will see how every piece fits into its allotted place, how every experience was a lesson to quicken the soul and to enable it to have greater understanding of its possibilities.

  Teachings of Silver Birch  edited by A.W.Austen,
    Psychic Press Ltd, London, 1991, p.62


  *out of the jigsaw of all the events ジグソーパズルのようにばらばらなすべての出来事のなかから


 51. (どのような経験も魂の向上に役立たないものはありません)

      There is no experience that comes to the human soul, which, rightly understood and rightly faced, does not leave you better for it. Can you contemplate a world of matter where there were no difficulties, no trials, no troubles, no pain, no suffering? There would be no evolution. There would be nothing to surmount. You would decay.

  Teachings of Silver Birch  edited by A.W.Austen,
    Psychic Press Ltd, London, 1991, p.62


  *does not leave you better for it  魂の向上のために役立たないことはない


 52. (神とは宇宙の自然法則のことです)

   Who or what is the Great Spirit? Is it love―the spirit or feeling of love in everything?

     The Great Spirit is the natural Law of the universe. The Great Spirit is the creative force behind all life, whether registered in the plane of matter or in the plane of spirit. The Great Spirit is perfect love and perfect wisdom. The Great Spirit pervades all the universe, whether it is that tiny portion known to you or that larger part which, as yet, has not been revealed to earthly gaze.
     The Great Spirit fills all life. The Great Spirit is within all beings. The Great Spirit is within all laws. The Great Spirit is the Great Spirit. He is Life. He is Love. He is everything. How can we, who are but the servants, describe the Master? How can we, whose conceptions are puny, describe that which is of immeasurable magnitude?

  Teachings of Silver Birch  edited by A.W.Austen,
    Psychic Press Ltd, London, 1991, p.72



   * registered in the plane of matter 物質界に存在する
   * that tiny portion known to you あなた方が知っているちっぽけな部分(地球)


 53. (何事も神の法則から離れて起こることはありません)

      We are told that God knows when a sparrow falls. How is it possible for God to know of all that happens to all the vast population of the world, not to mention the countless millions who have passed on? 

      That which is called God is the natural Law of the universe. The Great Spirit is within everything. Everything is the Great Spirit. Because the soul knows itself, the Great Spirit knows the soul. Because the sparrow is the Great Spirit, the Great Spirit knows the sparrow. Because the Great Spirit is in the trembling leaf, the trembling leaf is the Great Spirit. Throughout the whole of your world and mine, throughout the universe, even in worlds which are not yet known to you, the laws of the Great Spirit reign supreme. Nothing happens outside those laws; therefore, all is known because all comes within the compass of natural law, which is the Great Spirit.

  Teachings of Silver Birch  edited by A.W.Austen,
    Psychic Press Ltd, London, 1991, pp.72-73



  *all comes within the compass of natural law すべての出来事は自然法則の範囲内で起こる


 54. (不完全には完全への種が宿されています)

      You say the Great Spirit is in everything, the source of all things―hate and love, wisdom and folly. It seems to follow that the man who does wrong is acting within the laws of the Great Spirit as much as the man who does right; those who preach the gospel of war and hate as much as those who preach peace and love. No one, in fact, can transgress the laws of God because everything is part of those laws. Can you answer this difficulty?

     There is perfection and there is imperfection, but imperfection contains within itself the seeds of perfection, for perfection comes from imperfection. Perfection does not come from perfection, but from imperfection.
     Life is evolution, it is progress, a striving upward, a development, unfolding, extension, reaching out. What you call good or bad are but stages in the road of life, lines of progress. They are not the end. You judge with an imperfect understanding. You say thus far is good, thus far is bad. That is only your idea. When you are not in relation to these events, you judge them differently. But the Great Spirit is within all things.

  Teachings of Silver Birch  edited by A.W.Austen,
    Psychic Press Ltd, London, 1991, p.73



  * When you are not in relation to these events (前途か悪とか判断している)その立場が変われば、


 55. (宇宙の法則の支配を免れて存在するものは何一つありません)

      Then is the Great Spirit responsible for earthquakes?

      The Great Spirit is the Law―the Law that controls all things. The Law governs all things. There is nothing in the universe which is outside the Law. I know that earthquakes and storms and lightning puzzle the brains of those in your world, but they are all part of the universe. The universe is evolving, even as those who dwell in it are evolving. The world of matter is far from perfect yet―and it will not reach perfection. It will evolve higher and higher.

  Teachings of Silver Birch  edited by A.W.Austen,
    Psychic Press Ltd, London, 1991, p.73-74



  *puzzle the brains of those in your world 地上の世界であなたのようなひとびとに疑問を持たせる



      Does that mean that the Great Spirit is evolving?

  No, the Great Spirit is the Law and the Law is perfect. But that part of the Great Spirit that is expressed in your world is subject to the evolution of that world as far as its expression is concerned. Remember that your world is evolving, and these things are the signs of its evolution. Your world was born in fire and tempest and is gradually evolving towards perfection.

  Teachings of Silver Birch  edited by A.W.Austen,
    Psychic Press Ltd, London, 1991, p.74



  *as far as its expression is concerned  神の顕現(の仕方)に限っていえば


 57. (宇宙というのは神の反映であるにすぎません)

     Is there a Great Spirit apart from His universe?

    No, the universe is but the reflection of the Great Spirit. The Great Spirit is the system. Can a fly understand the world? Can the fish realize what the life of the bird is? Can a dog reason like a man? Can the stars understand the sky? Can you understand the Great Spirit, Who is greater than all your minds?
     But you can try to learn to express your soul, so that, when no words pass your lips and in the silence of your own soul, your spirit reaches out for communion with the Great Spirit. Then you know that He and you are one. It is not possible to express that in language, but it is expressed in the silence of the soul within you and within every soul in the universe.

  Teachings of Silver Birch  edited by A.W.Austen,
    Psychic Press Ltd, London, 1991, pp.74-75



  *reaches out for communion with the Great Spirit  神と交感できるようになる


 58. (霊というのは物質から霊へと進化するのです)

      Does spirit need contact with the world of matter in order to gain conscious individuality?

      Yes. In order to gain cons ciousness it must incarnate through matter and have the experiences of matter. It evolves from matter into spirit. That means that its association with a body of matter enables it to express itself as an individual working through the personality of the physical. Spirit becomes aware of itself after it has incarnated into matter.

       If so, is the Great Spirit gaining experience through us?

    No. Your evolution cannot affect that which is already perfect.

  Teachings of Silver Birch  edited by A.W.Austen,
    Psychic Press Ltd, London, 1991, p.75





   *its association with a body of matter  肉体との結びつき


 59. (あなた方が霊を進歩させているのではありません)

     But we are all parts of the Great Spirit. Does not the evolution of a part affect the whole?

     It only affects that part which is manifesting through you, which in itself is perfect, but is not perfect in its expression through each one of you. In itself, spirit is perfect. It is the primary substance of the universe. It is the breath of life. In its expression through you it is imperfect because you are imperfect. As you evolve, more of the perfection can express itself through you. You are not evolving the spirit, but you are evolving the bodies through which the spirit can express itself.

  Teachings of Silver Birch  edited by A.W.Austen,
    Psychic Press Ltd, London, 1991, p.75



  *that part which is manifesting through you  (神が)あなた方を通して顕れている部分


 60. (生命というのは鉱石を砕いて苦労して取り出す金のようなものです)

       Are the bodies through which the spirit expresses itself made of matter in varying form?

    Yes. The Law is perfect. The Law as it is expressed through you is not perfect because you are imperfect, and so the perfect Law cannot operate through you. But as you become more and more perfect, so more of the Law can operate through you. Imagine you have a mirror and a light. The mirror reflects the light, but if the mirror is very poor it cannot reflect all the light. As you make the mirror more perfect, it can reflect more of the light.
       Everything is constantly working itself out in fuller expression. Have I not told you that life is like gold that has to be extracted painfully from the ore, which has to be crushed and purified? Who is to say that the ore is bad but the gold is good?

  Teachings of Silver Birch  edited by A.W.Austen,
    Psychic Press Ltd, London, 1991 p.75-76



   *working itself out in fuller expression 精一杯に自己を表現しようとしている


 61. (だから私は善も悪もその両方を受け入れるのです)

       But surely we all have ideas of what is good and what is evil.

    These are but the expressions of the moment. They express the stage which has been reached in evolution. When the soul has evolved higher, it will leave them behind. They are but the imperfections caused by a perfect law seeking to express itself through instruments which have deviated from the path. That is why I embrace them all.

    Does that mean that God, in the beginning, was not good?

    I know nothing of beginnings. I know nothing of endings. I only know the Great Spirit always has been and always will be. His laws are perfect in their operation. Do you not see that you may have perfect light but, if you strive to reflect it through badly polished mirrors, it does not emerge as perfect? But you cannot say the light is imperfect, that it is evil. It is only that the soul is not yet ready to express the perfection that is within itself. That which your world calls evil is only imperfection, imperfectly expressing the Great Spirit through it.

  Teachings of Silver Birch  edited by A.W.Austen,
    Psychic Press Ltd, London, 1991, p.76





  *it will leave them behind  その(善悪の)観念はなくなっていく


 62. (すべての生命は神であり神はすべての生命です)

    Is it right to say there is only one Being or Person that is able to create, and that we have not the power to create anything at all?

   The Great Spirit is, always was, always will be. All life is the Great Spirit and the Great Spirit is all life. How can you create? But the more you are evolved in your soul, the more you can beautify and improve. The less evolved you are, the lower is your range in the universe.

  Teachings of Silver Birch  edited by A.W.Austen,
    Psychic Press Ltd, London, 1991, pp.76-77



    *range in the universe  宇宙での地位(霊格)



    Is it important to pray?

    That depends on the prayer. The aimless repetition of words merely creates ripples in the atmosphere, but those who pray with their hearts and their souls, seeking in prayer closer unity with the Great White Spirit, seeking to make themselves useful instruments for His manifestations, emerge, because of prayer, stronger and more fitted to be His servants. The act of prayer, the revealing of oneself, the opening of the heart, binds us all together in unity.
    True prayer should enable you to equip yourself for service. Prayer is the means by which you attune yourself to higher forces. I do not mean by prayer repeating the words that others have written without a realization of what they mean, but praying with the soul and the mind, with an earnest desire to reach out to the highest the soul can attain. Then, filled with the inspiration that comes as a result of the prayer, you emerge stronger.

  Teachings of Silver Birch edited by A.W.Austen,
    Psychic Press Ltd, London, 1991, p.78



   *you attune yourself to higher forces  (霊界の)高い霊力に同調させる


 64. (本当の祈りが無駄になることは決してありません)

    Is it of any use praying for somebody else?

      Yes, true prayer is never wasted, for thought has potency.

    Have the prayers of a healer engaged in absent healing any real effect?

       Yes. I was answering your question as it referred to individual prayer, but it also has universal application. By prayer you are releasing psychic energy, and this can be used by guides.

  Teachings of Silver Birch edited by A.W.Austen,
    Psychic Press Ltd, London, 1991, p.79





    *thought has potency 思考には力(エネルギー)がある


 65. (何かをお願いするだけの祈りは本当の祈りではありません)

    Is it possible through prayer to enlist the help of those in the spirit world when otherwise that help might not be available?

       If you pray with sincerity, you make yourselves, because of the act of prayer, accessible to higher forces. The mere act of prayer opens up the soul. You must pray with your hearts, souls and minds. Mere requests are not prayers. Prayer, truly understood, is a great spiritual exercise. I can best explain it all by saying that prayer should always be regarded as a means to an end, not the end itself.
    There is only one prayer―that prayer is, "Teach me how to serve." There is no greater work, no greater love, no greater religion, no greater philosophy than that you say "I want to serve the Great White Spirit and His children." It matters not which way you serve, whether by bringing the truth of the spiritual part of the Law, or whether you feed those who are hungry or take away all the darkness in men's hearts. It does not matter which way, so long as you serve.

  Teachings of Silver Birch edited by A.W.Austen,
    Psychic Press Ltd, London, 1991, p.79



  *make yourselves accessible to higher forces 高位霊の霊力に縋ることができるようになる


 66. (そんなことより私の言いたいのはつぎのことだけです)

       The more you learn how to forget yourself and to serve others, the more you help to develop the spirit―that is, the Great White Spirit―within each one of you. It is all very simple, but they build churches and say many strange things. They use long words that I do not understand, and have ceremonies which they say help religion.
     But all I know is that you must go and lift up those who are falling, give sleep to those who are weary, food to those who are hungry, drink to the thirsty, new light to those who are in darkness. Then the laws of the Great White Spirit are working through you.

  Teachings of Silver Birch edited by A.W.Austen,
    Psychic Press Ltd, London, 1991, pp.79-80


  * the laws of the Great White Spirit  このthe laws は(偉大なる神の)愛の力、と意訳した。


 67. (かえって進歩を遅らせることになる願いは叶えられません)

      Why is it that often prayers seem to be unanswered?

      In everyone there is always a war going on between that part which is human and that part which is divine. When that part which is divine wins, then you feel at one with the Great Spirit. When the human part triumphs, then you feel disheartened. Often you have to be guided not into the paths for which you think you are fitted, but into those paths where you can be used to give the greatest service.
      Every day and every night there comes into this house a band of spirits. Each one of them has given up his right to progress in order to build here conditions so that one day it will be a circle of light, with its illumination radiating into all the dark places of the earth. Beside that mission, the little troubles of earth are nothing.
      Whilst there are people who have no place to put their heads, who have no homes, and have to sleep under the skies of the Great Spirit, with His stars as their only light, their bodies exposed to the storm and the rain, and others who do not get sufficient food to sustain them, do you think the troubles of any one of you are important in the sight of the Great Spirit?
   Sometimes you ask for things which are not good for your soul, which will only retard your own progress. Those things cannot be given to you. Sometimes you ask for things which your soul has not earned. They cannot be given to you. Sometimes you ask for things which are already in preparation, ready to be poured into your midst when the right time comes. You must understand that the Great Spirit knows already of the unspoken prayers of all your hearts.

  Teachings of Silver Birch edited by A.W.Austen,
    Psychic Press Ltd, London, 1991, pp.80-81



  *things which your soul has not earned 魂が向上していないので(与えられるのに)ふさわしくないもの


 68. (口先だけの祈りであるなら声を浪費しているだけにすぎません)

    Does prayer, as recited daily in churches, avail anything?

    It depends on the one who prays. If it is a prayer of the lips, then it is but an empty waste of sound. If it is a prayer from the soul, a prayer of earnestness and aspiration, a prayer that desires to reach out to the Great Spirit, then the very desire gives it wings which carry it into the heights of the realms of spirit.

  Teachings of Silver Birch edited by A.W.Austen,
    Psychic Press Ltd, London, 1991, p.81



    *the heights of the realms of spirit 霊界の聖域


 69. (こころからの祈りにはすべて力があります)

       Would the prayer of a little child, for example, be of any use in curing a drunken parent?

       All sincere prayer carries with it a power. How far that power can be transmuted into a material result depends on many conditions. It depends, in the case that you give, upon the soul of the man, whether that power can touch his soul, or whether he is so far removed from spiritual things that no spiritual thing can touch his soul. I cannot say yes or no to that question.

  Teachings of Silver Birch edited by A.W.Austen,
    Psychic Press Ltd, London, 1991,pp.81



  *no spiritual thing can touch his soul 祈っても親の魂には届かない


 70. (祈りは導かれれるために光を求めようとする魂の叫びです)

       Are prayers heard by an individual in spirit, or must we postulate a power which can only respond to vibrations which harmonize with itself?

    Prayer is the expression of the soul. Let me make that clear. It is the yearning of the soul which cries out for light, for guidance. That very act, of itself, brings an answer, because it is setting into motion the power of thought.
       It is the cause which attracts a reply, which is the effect. There is no need for any spirit to wait for you to pray, because the quality of your prayer immediately attracts all those on the spiritual plane which your prayer can reach, according to the evolution of your soul.
       And naturally their power―because they desire to serve your world―adds to the power which you set up. You have set into motion waves of thought which are part of the spirit. This enables the forces of the universe to work in accordance with your evolution. That means that you have made yourself accessible to those forces which you can reach.
    According to the evolution of the people who pray, it may be necessary for them to fix their minds on some ideal. If that helps the soul, I would not deny it. But the Great Spirit, the laws of life, the natural laws of the universe, these are the things that matter.
       Because the Great Spirit is perfection, the laws of the Great Spirit are perfect. That part of the Great Spirit that is within you is perfection, seeking to express itself. As you allow it to express itself, through prayer, through service, you are allowing the Great Spirit which is within you to express itself.  All things, prayer, service, whatever you seek to do that uplifts a soul, even your own soul, these things are helping in your evolution.

  Teachings of Silver Birch edited by A.W.Austen,
    Psychic Press Ltd, London, 1991, pp.81-82



  *It is the cause which attracts a reply, which is the effect  祈りが答えを引き寄せる原因で、答えが得られることが祈りの結果である。


 71. (祈りというのは神に近づいていきたいという魂の願いです)

       If everything is governed by inexorable law, what is the use of praying to the Great Spirit, for is not prayer a request that the Great Spirit should interfere with the law of His own ordaining on behalf of the one who prays?

    That is not prayer as I understand it. Prayer is the desire of a soul to reach out to the Great Spirit. Prayer is the desire to express the Great Spirit and that act enables the soul to express itself and to reach out to planes which before it could not reach. There is no injustice. There is no favouritism. It is merely that the soul equips itself so that it can express more of the Great Spirit and thus receive more of the bounty of the Great Spirit. The bounty of the Great Spirit is infinite and your soul is infinite as you learn to express its infinity.

  Teachings of Silver Birch edited by A.W.Austen,
    Psychic Press Ltd, London, 1991, pp.82-83



  *to planes which before it could not reachそれまで達することのできなかった霊界の高い次元へ


 72. (神に赦しを乞うだけで法則が手加減されることはありません)

       Why do we ask God to forgive us our sins: for if the Law is broken does not the penalty follow?

       Forgiveness does not enable you to make the adjustment, for you must pay the price. But when you pray for forgiveness you are beginning to put yourselves into harmony with the laws of the Great Spirit, for you are beginning to look within yourself and to examine yourself, and that is when real progress begins.

  Teachings of Silver Birch edited by A.W.Austen,
    Psychic Press Ltd, London, 1991,p.83



  *enable you to make the adjustment あなたが手加減をしてもらえることにはならない


 73. (この大宇宙で最も偉大な神の法則にだけ従ってください)

   The bondage of creeds is one of your world's afflictions. It is worse than pestilence and disease, far worse than the physical sufferings of the body through illness, for it is an affliction of the soul. It puts the spirit in blinkers.
   And yet your world clings to creed when it has at its disposal the infinite wisdom of the Great Spirit. There are some who are only happy whilst they are in prison. Liberty is only for those who know how to enjoy liberty. Rejoice that you have escaped from the thraldom of creed. Rejoice, and strive to elevate others that they too may escape.
    We give you no creed, no ritual, no ceremony, but only the love of the Great Spirit seeking to express itself through His children. We ask you to follow no book, no dogma, no leader, no authority, no scroll of parchment, no learning, to worship no relic, but only to follow the laws of the Great Spirit, which are the greatest things in the universe. They are the only supreme authority.

  Teachings of Silver Birch  edited by A.W.Austen,
    Psychic Press Ltd, London, 1991,p.84


  *it has at its disposal the infinite wisdom of the Great Spirit 神の無限の叡智を勝手気ままに解釈する(歪めてしまう)


 74. (教会といわれているものの多くは暗黒時代の遺物です)

    Many so-called churches are the relics of the dark ages. The Great White Spirit is not shut up in any building. He is everywhere. They think that because they put a few stones together and make a big steeple, and put in windows with coloured glass, that they please the Great White Spirit.
    He is more pleased when the sunshine He has provided lightens the hearts of His children and when the rain He sends down brings to fruition all the crops He has given to His children. But between His bounty and His children there stand, very often, the Church, the statesmen and the men of finance. All these must be swept away, and today they are being swept away.

  Teachings of Silver Birch  edited by A.W.Austen,
    Psychic Press Ltd, London, 1991,pp.84-85


   *the men of finance  (ここでは「資産家」と訳しておきます)


 75. (ナザレのイエスの光輝はいまも衰えていません)

    Do not think only in terms of the power of the spirit in the past. Remember that the power which operated through the Nazarene is operating once again. Just as those who were the leaders of the churches in that time rejected that power of the spirit, and said it was of the Devil, so once again they reject the same power of the spirit as it operates today. But your world has evolved, for they do not crucify any longer.
    The splendour of the Nazarene does not belong only to the past, but to the present. Where do you think he is today? Do you think the story of his life ended in Jerusalem? Where do you think his great spirit would be today, with your world of matter full of distress, trouble and bitterness?
    Those who deny us and say we preach the gospel of darkness are in line with the same people who, in the days gone by, made the same accusation against the Nazarene. We come with the same power of the Great Spirit, bringing the same manifestations of the spirit, the same message: "Comfort the mourner, heal the sick, bring light to those who are in darkness, health to the afflicted, strength to the weary, knowledge to the ignorant."

  Teachings of Silver Birch  edited by A.W.Austen,
    Psychic Press Ltd, London, 1991,p.85


  *Where do you think his great spirit would be today  (地上世界がこんなに悲しみと苦しみに満ちているのに、ここから離れて)どこかほかの所に在るとお考えですか。


 76. (奉仕があればそこには安らぎと幸せがあります)

   We are all the servants of the Great Spirit. Some of us have evolved a little higher. Because of that, we return to give service, for service is the law of life. Where there is no service, there is desolation. Where there is service, there is peace and happiness. Your world must build a new system of life with service to one another. It is all very simple, but they make it so hard.

  Teachings of Silver Birch  edited by A.W.Austen,
    Psychic Press Ltd, London, 1991,p.85


  *It is all very simple (しようと思えばすぐにでもできる)とても簡単なこと


 77. (従わなければならないのはただひとつ神の法則だけです)

    I feel sorry for those "men of God" who have so much to unlearn. They have built a structure based on shifting sands and they try to defend their sandy castles against the onslaught of spirit truths. They have built falsely. They have surrounded the Nazarene with fable. They have magnified him into the Great Spirit of life and, because the foundation is a faulty one, they have gradually to destroy it. As they destroy, fear strikes their hearts.
    They think there can be nothing left at all, whereas the truth is that, if they had built on the foundation of fact, of natural law, there would be nothing to destroy.
    That is why we have come back to your world―to ask you to give no obedience to any one man, to any one book, to any one church, to any leader, to any being whether in the world of matter or in the world of spirit, but only to learn obedience to the laws of the Great Spirit, for they alone are infallible and unerringly right.
    That is why we preach the natural laws, and the natural laws only. If you call that Spiritualism it does not matter, as long as what you understand embraces the natural laws of the Great Spirit and their operation throughout all the spheres of life, whether life that is visible to you or life as it is known in the planes of spirit.

  Teachings of Silver Birch  edited by A.W.Austen,
    Psychic Press Ltd, London, 1991,pp.85-86


  *life as it is known in the planes of spirit 霊界で知られているような生命


 78. (神の法則はあらゆる知識とも矛盾なく調和します)

    Your world has set its store by leaders, and has magnified them out of their true importance, and so it has created difficulties of theology―difficulties with scientists, with philosophers and with all those honest people who want their minds to be free and who cannot accept anything which makes their reason revolt.
    That is why we emphasize the laws of the Great Spirit, for the true understanding of these laws harmonizes all knowledge. They cannot in any way cause the minds of scientists, philosophers, free-thinkers or anybody to revolt, for they are founded upon eternal, unalterable, immutable operations of the Great Spirit.

  Teachings of Silver Birch  edited by A.W.Austen,
    Psychic Press Ltd, London, 1991,p. 86


    *has set its store by leaders 指導者たちを重要視する


 79. (地上の世界も神法に従順になることを学んでいくでしょう)

    You see the wisdom of the counsel that is given to us to express. As your world grows in wisdom and understanding, its people will learn to regulate their lives according to the laws of the Great Spirit. They will learn to have obedience to the Law. They will learn that all the misery and the starvation, the suffering and the heartbreaks that come through your worldly conditions are all caused because the Law is not obeyed.
    When the fuller understanding comes, there will be swept away all the hideous growths in the garden of the Great Spirit that prevent its beauty being shown to every one of His children. With that aim we strive, not only to make the souls of mankind free, not only to liberate their minds, but to give their bodies of matter a chance to live in harmony with the laws of the Great Spirit.

  Teachings of Silver Birch  edited by A.W.Austen,
    Psychic Press Ltd, London, 1991,p.87


  *that is given to us to express (地上での教化に)活用できるように与えられる
  *all the hideous growths in the garden of the Great Spirit  神の園を目も当てられないほど醜悪に荒らしているもの


 80. (教会は真理に反対するための場所になってしまいます)

   I am impatient with Churches because they do not use their opportunities to reveal the great truths that the world of matter has known.
   I am impatient because they betray the Nazarene whom they seek to serve.
   I am impatient because they remove him so far from humanity that he ceases to be an example and becomes a god, dwelling in the high heavens beyond the reach of the children of matter.
   Over the doors of the churches is not written: "We are loyal to truth and truth alone." Rather does it say: "We preach a creed, we espouse a doctrine, we practise ritual, we are tied to ceremony." The Churches are the means of opposing truth.
   I do not criticize the many great souls who strive to serve by becoming clergymen. There are many such. I criticize the system that cannot make way for truth, that is loyal only to the old worn-out shibboleths and has no place for the vital, energizing power of the spirit to express itself.

  Teachings of Silver Birch  edited by A.W.Austen,
    Psychic Press Ltd, London, 1991,p.87


    *that the world of matter has known  この地上世界で知られている.
    *the Nazarene  ナザレのイエス