241. (シルバー・バーチが自らについて語る =1=)


 Here, Silver Birch tells in his own words of the long struggle he had before he was able to transmit his message:

   When I was asked, many long years ago, whether I would return to the world of matter and find on earth a band who would work with me to deliver the message of the spirit, I said I would, as did many others, and my task was given me.
    I was told that I would have to search and find an instrument and so attach myself to this instrument that I would be able to express through him the message that I was charged to deliver. So I searched our records and found my medium.
    I watched from the time that he was conceived, and from the moment that the spirit began to express itself―albeit as a little flicker―I brought my influence to bear and started there and then this association which has lasted all these years.
    I helped to mould the spirit and the tiny little mind and throughout every phase of that life I watched his every experience, learned how to get a close association and I accustomed myself throughout the days of boyhood to all the mental processes, to all the physical habits. I studied my instrument from every aspect―mind, spirit and physical body.
    And then I had to guide his footsteps towards an understanding of these spirit truths. First, I guided him to make a study of the many religions in your world of matter, until his mind revolted and he began to be what your world calls an Atheist. And when that had played its part in the mental unfoldment, he was ready for me to begin my task of speaking through his lips.
    I guided him to his first meeting. I helped to bring him to his first circle. And there, in the power provided, I made my first contact―so crude, so trivial, but from my point of view so important―and I uttered my first expression in the world of matter through another's organism.
    From that day I learned how to obtain better and better control, until now you see the result. We have achieved so much that 1 can register the totality of my ideas and eliminate for all purposes what is in the medium's own personality.
    Now I would like to tell you something about my mission. They said to me: "You will have to go into the world of matter and, when you have found your instrument, you will have to bring to him sympathetic souls who will aid you to deliver your message." I searched and found you all and brought you together.

   Teachings of Silver Birch  edited by A.W.Austen,
     Psychic Press Ltd, London, 1991,pp.17-18



   * as did many others 多くの他の霊たちもそうしてきたように
   * the message that I was charged to deliver 私が伝えるようにと託されたメッセージ
   * started there and then this association 直ちに接触を始めた
   * in the power provided 霊力が満たされているなかで
   * eliminate for all purposes 事実上すべて取り除く


 242. (シルバー・バーチが自らについて語る =2=)

    But the greatest difficulty I had to face was that I had to make the choice whether I would return to provide those proofs that your world must have to satisfy itself―material proofs, 1 mean, not spiritual ones, for your world does not understand those―or whether I would return as a teacher and teach truth. I chose the harder.
    I said that, after all those long years, with all the manifold experiences I had had in the realms of spirit, I would return and try to appeal with love to those whom I would strive to teach. I would appeal to reason. I would appeal to the judgment of mature, evolved and what you call educated minds. I would reveal the message of the spirit in all its simplicity.
    I would say nothing that offended reason. I would strive to manifest love, never to reproach with anger, but to appeal always with love, and prove by precept and example and by all I did that I was what I claimed to be―a messenger of the Great Spirit.
   And I imposed upon myself the burden of anonymity, so that I would make no appeal of illustrious personage, title, rank, or fame, but would be judged on what I said and what I did. When I was in the spheres at the last festival they praised me and said I had accomplished much of my mission. And tears of joy fell down my face. But my mission is not yet over. There is still more to be done.

  Teachings of Silver Birch  edited by A.W.Austen,
    Psychic Press Ltd, London, 1991,pp.18-19


    *I chose the harder. 難しいほうの課題を選んだ。
    * in all its simplicity 単純明快な形で 
      * what I claimed to be 私がそう思っているような(神の使徒)


 243. (シルバー・バーチが自らについて語る =3=)

    Because of the work that others have done―the same work that we do―there is more light in your world of matter, there is more happiness, there is less sorrow, less tears. We have won a partial victory over the grave.
   We have inspired many to let their higher selves rise in their lives. We have driven out many of the falsehoods of the past that have blinded men's eyes to justice and truth. We have helped to free many from the prison-house of creed and dogma which has afflicted your world for so many years, shaming reason with its foolish stupidities.
    We have sought―and succeeded in some measure―to teach of a Great Spirit of love and wisdom, not of partiality, not of wrath, not vindictive and angry, not a dealer of pestilence and disease. We have sought to reveal the Nazarene as a great exemplar. And many have seen the reason that lies in our teaching.
   Great work has been done, but a greater work still has to be done. There is war in your world of matter, war that need not be, for if your world knew these truths and lived them, men would not kill. There is starvation, when there is plenty of the Great Spirit's bounty. There are mean hovels where the children of the Great Spirit are compelled to live, deprived of fresh air, unable to catch the health-giving rays of the sun, forced to live below the line of sustenance. There is want and distress and misery.

  Teachings of Silver Birch  edited by A.W.Austen,
    Psychic Press Ltd, London, 1991,p.19


  * a partial victory over the grave 墓場(死の悲しみ)に対する部分的勝利
  * higher selves  高位の人格(ハイアーセルフ)


 244. (シルバー・バーチが自らについて語る =4=)

   There are still superstitions to be killed. There are still aching hearts. There are still diseases to be vanquished. Our task is not yet complete. We rejoice at the work that has been done and pray that strength shall be given to us so that, with your co-operation, we may be enabled to render greater service still.

              ・   ・   ・   ・   ・

    I am only the mouthpiece of those who sent me, and I seek no glory for myself and no reward. I have no desire to aggrandize myself or my personality. I rejoice to be a vehicle for expressing these truths, lost for many centuries and now restored to the world of matter, stamped with the seal of divine truth.
    My part is that of the messenger who speaks the message and I have striven to be faithful and to convey that which was given to me according to the instrument that I have and the power which I have earned. I only want to be of service and, if the few teachings I express help one soul to find peace in a stormy life, to find the shelter of truth after having experienced the storms of doubt, if within the sanctuary of these simple spiritual truths one can find happiness and be inspired to serve, then perhaps we have accomplished something of the Father's work.

  Teachings of Silver Birch  edited by A.W.Austen,
    Psychic Press Ltd, London, 1991,p.20


       ・   ・   ・   ・   ・


    * war that need not be 起こす必要のない戦争
    * below the line of sustenance 最低の生活さえできないような
    * aggrandize myself  自分自身を偉く見せる
    * the instrument that I have 私が一緒に仕事をしている霊媒


 245. (シルバー・バーチはなぜ霊界から戻ってきたのか =1=)

   Why should those in the spirit world trouble to come back to enlighten us on earth?  It is because they know that the world needs their message more than it needs anything else. Here, Silver Birch explains why he has returned to teach us:

   Like many others, I was asked whether I would go back into the belt of matter to try to save those in your world who were trying to destroy themselves and the world in which they lived. We have tried to work amongst you, and we still try to work amongst you, seeking by your own standards to prove that those who leave your world still live in the fuller realms of the Great Spirit, so that you shall understand that you are part of the Great Spirit even as they are.
    Although we strive in these things, there are many who seem to think it is more important to worry about the toys than the message. What does it matter whether the message comes from one whom the world calls white, or black, or yellow, or red? What does it matter if the laws of the Great Spirit are given you by one who has had much education or not, so long as it is the Law, so long as it is the truth?
    Many years ago, you were taught that "A little child shall lead them." Until you learn to put away the foolish wisdom of the wise, and get back to the simplicity of the child, you will not advance much either in your world or in mine. Your world makes a difference between those whose skins have been coloured by the sun of the Great Spirit. They look at their skins and forget that their spirits are all one.

  Teachings of Silver Birch  edited by A.W.Austen,
    Psychic Press Ltd, London, 1991,p.21

 なぜ霊界の高級霊たちはわざわざこの地上に戻ってきて私たちを啓発しようとするのか。 それは、彼らがこの地上世界が何よりも霊界からの教えを必要としていることを知っているからである。ここでは、シルバーバーチが、私たちを教えるために帰ってきた理由を説明している。


    * by your own standards 地上世界の基準で
    * worry about the toys この世の雑事に悩む
    * makes a difference 差別をする


 246. (シルバー・バーチはなぜ霊界から戻ってきたのか =2=)

   Why do you think you have wars? Why do you think you have misery? Why do you think you have great sorrow in your world? Because those who are blinded by matter and can only see through its limitations do not see that behind the things of matter there is a unifying spirit of the Great Spirit. Because they seek to make differences, they have chaos, they have disaster, they have bankruptcy.
    I have told you before, it is we whom you call the "savage" Indians that have been brought back, as part of the Law of the Great Spirit, to try to teach you the laws that your civilization has forgotten. You have sought to build your lives on the systems of your own material world. You have sought to become educated and cultured and have tried to build up a civilization away from the laws of the Great Spirit.
    Because of that, your world has fallen. It is in ruins, just as much in ruins as is the civilization of the olden days. Because we love you, because that love which comes from the Great Spirit flows through all of us, we come back to you to try to help you to pick up the pieces and build them on the structure of eternal things, the laws of the Great Spirit.
    Because when we lived on earth we had coloured skins, you say to us: "No, we refuse to have the world put right because your skin is coloured. We would rather have disaster, unless we can be helped by people whose skins are white."
    But, all the same, I want you to know that you help us. There is much in the things that you have discovered in your own civilization that helps us. It is a perfect law in its operation. We seek to teach you what we have learned in the realms of spirit, and we seek to imbibe whatever knowledge you can give us. It is through that law of co-operation that the new heaven will come into your world.

  Teachings of Silver Birch  edited by A.W.Austen,
    Psychic Press Ltd, London, 1991,pp.21-22


    * pick up the pieces 破壊の跡を拾い集めて(修復して)


 247. (シルバー・バーチはなぜ霊界から戻ってきたのか =3=)

    One day in your world all the colours will merge, for all the colours have their part to play. All peoples will merge, because each has something to give to the world. You can see the time coming, if you look with the eyes of the spirit, when all will live together in harmony, giving all peoples the advantage of their own race, their own culture and their own learning.
    We are all servants of the Great Spirit―you and I and those who work with us―seeking to do His will. We are misunderstood; often our friends are our greatest enemies. But we do our work and, because we do that which is right in the sight of the Great Spirit, we call to our aid all those forces which belong to the spirit, which are stronger than your world of matter. And gradually good triumphs over evil, justice triumphs over injustice, and right triumphs over wrong. Sometimes the forces of your world push us back for a while, but not for ever.
    We must succeed, for we seek to save mankind from himself, to point to him those higher and better ways which will enable him to live his life in service, so that he may receive the richness of soul, spirit and mind, the peace and the happiness which do not belong to the world of matter but to the higher and greater things of the spirit.

  Teachings of Silver Birch  edited by A.W.Austen,
    Psychic Press Ltd, London, 1991,pp.22-23


   * all the colours いろいろな皮膚の色をもった世界中の人々
   * all peoples 世界中の諸国民
   * we call to our aid all those forces 私たちへの援助のためにそれらの力を引き寄せる


 248.  (シルバー・バーチはなぜ霊界から戻ってきたのか =4=)

   It is a great task on which we are all engaged. It is a sacred tie that binds us all together and makes us one in spirit, one in purpose, one in desire. Let us resolve that together we will renew our opposition to all that which stands in the way of Truth's advance, so that our combined efforts bring the power of the Great Spirit nearer to His children.
    If the few words I say are of service to you, then they should enable each one of you to go out into the world and serve the children of matter as I try to serve you. It is your responsibility to pass on the knowledge you have. I know that to be the Law.
    I only seek to interpret into your language the laws of the Great Spirit. Those who read my words will not always agree with my interpretations, but I am in a different world from them. I am sometimes limited by your language and by my instrument. If we fail to agree, then it is either because the souls in your world are not yet evolved to an understanding of greater truths, or because I cannot express all that is within my soul, which is greater than your earthly language allows me to interpret.

  Teachings of Silver Birch  edited by A.W.Austen,
    Psychic Press Ltd, London, 1991,pp.23-24


   *stands in the way of Truth's advance 神の真理が広がっていくのを妨げる
   * are of service to you あなた方に役にたつ
   * my instrument 私の霊界通信を媒介してくれている霊媒


 249. (シルバー・バーチはなぜ霊界から戻ってきたのか =5=)

    But I am always ready to serve and to teach the Law, for it is only through an understanding of the laws of the Great Spirit that the people of the world of matter can live as the Great Spirit intended they should live. It is better to see than to be blind, it is better to hear than to be deaf, it is better to be awake than to be asleep. Let them open their souls to the Great Spirit. Let them strive to attune themselves to the laws of the Great Spirit, so that they are at one with Him and He is at one with them.
    Then their hearts and souls will be at peace, they will be in harmony with the great rhythm of the universe, and discord will disappear from their lives. They will begin to live as they have never lived before.
    All knowledge matters. It is not wise to say you will only receive this amount of knowledge and will go no further.
    I strive to transmit all I know so that you may drink in as much as I have to give you. I do this not because I am greater than you, not because I am proud of what I possess, but because only by giving can I serve.

  Teachings of Silver Birch  edited by A.W.Austen,
    Psychic Press Ltd, London, 1991,p.24


    * they are at one with Him 神と一体になる
  * All knowledge matters 何であれ知っているということは大切である
  * will go no furtherそれ以上は(知識を)求めようとはしない


 250. (シルバー・バーチはなぜ霊界から戻ってきたのか =6=)

    All knowledge has its place. Do not strive to stop at any rung in the ladder of progress. It is only by imbibing, by striving to get the complete picture, that life will be understood by you.
    That refers not only to life in its material aspects, but life in its spiritual aspects, too, for whilst your world of matter needs guidance in the things of matter it is also necessary for the knowledge of the spirit to be given at the same time. Our message always is that you are living now in the world of spirit, that the world of matter is but one reflection of an eternal life.
    If only those who know would be faithful to the knowledge, how much more could we accomplish? If only those who have listened to the voice of the spirit and those who have witnessed the operation of spiritual laws in the phenomena that links together the two worlds of life would forget Self and rise to the highest heights that they could scale, we could achieve a great deal.
    Knowledge and service are greater than individuals. What we have achieved is but little compared with what can be achieved. No limits can be set to the Great Infinite Spirit, to the wisdom, to the inspiration, to the truth that can be showered upon your world. There are no restrictions to the mighty power of spirit waiting to fill your world, when your instruments can provide the right channels for us to use.

  Teachings of Silver Birch  edited by A.W.Austen,
    Psychic Press Ltd, London, 1991,pp.24-25


 * only by imbibing (知識を)吸収することによってのみ
 * but one reflection of an eternal life 永遠の生活のほんの一部の反映.
 * the two worlds of life 地上と霊界との二つの世界
 * are greater than individuals 個人を越えた重要性をもつ


 251. (交霊会主催者ハンネン・スワッハーの序文 =1=)


   SILVER BIRCH, as we call him, is not a Red Indian. Who he is, we do not know. We assume that he uses the name of the spirit through whose astral body he expresses himself, it being impossible for the high vibration of the spiritual realm to which he belongs to manifest except through some other instrument.
   He is the spirit guide of what is known as "Hannen Swaffer's Home Circle."
   "One day I will tell you who I am," he told us recently, "I had to come in the form of a humble Indian to win your love and devotion, not by the use of any high-sounding name, and to prove myself by the truth of what I taught. That is the Law."
    Now Silver Birch came into my life soon after I became a Spiritualist in 1924. Ever since then, I have listened, for an hour and more at a time, to his teaching, his guidance and his counsel, and learned to love and respect him more than I love and respect any earthly being.
   He first functioned in an extraordinary way. A young man of eighteen, an Atheist who was making a study of Spiritualism, went mockingly to a circle in one of the poorest of London's suburbs. He laughed outright when, to use his own words, "old women became Chinamen and all sorts of things," only to be reproved by a medium who, in trance, said: "You will be doing this before long."
   Although he went away incredulous and sceptical, he returned the next week to the circle and then, half-way through, apologized for having fallen asleep.
   "You have been in trance," said someone sitting next to him. "Your guide gave his name and said that he has been training you for this for years and that, before long, you will be speaking on Spiritualist platforms."
   Again, the young man laughed....

  Teachings of Silver Birch  edited by A.W.Austen,
    Psychic Press Ltd, London, 1991,pp.ⅴ-ⅵ


  * the name of the spirit インディアンの霊の(シルバー・バーチという)名前
  * He first functioned彼は最初(~のように)働きかけた
  * on Spiritualist platforms スピリチュアリストの集会において


 252. (交霊会主催者ハンネン・スワッハーの序文 =2=)

   In those days, Silver Birch spoke very few words of English, and those with a very crude accent. As the years passed, for he began to control his new-found medium often, his knowledge of our language so improved that his simple eloquence now often transcends that of any speaker to whom I have ever listened.
   'How do you know that the medium was in trance?" I have been asked.
   On more than one occasion Silver Birch, speaking through his medium, has told us to stick a pin in the medium's hand, and then to stick it in deeper. When coming out of trance, the medium has not remembered feeling anything. Nor has any mark been visible.
   "How do you know it does not come from the medium's subconscious mind?" is another question. Well, in some ways, the two contradict each other. Silver Birch teaches Reincarnation. The medium himself turns down this theory and yet, in trance, confounds himself.
   Then another curious little thing is the fact that until, so that the guide's words could be printed in Psychic News, a reporter started to take them down, the medium always remembered, just as he was going to sleep that night, what had been said while he was in trance. This was because, when consenting to be a medium, he had extracted from Silver Birch a promise that he would know what had been said. Directly we started to record it, all this stopped.
   Now, the medium reads, next morning, the report of the sitting and is amazed at the beauty of the language that is uttered through his lips.

  Teachings of Silver Birch  edited by A.W.Austen,
    Psychic Press Ltd, London, 1991,pp.ⅵ-ⅶ


  * his knowledge of our language 彼の英語の運用能力
  * the two contradict each other 二人の考え方が異なる
  * and yet, in trance, confounds himself 否定しているのに入神中では肯定する
      * extracted from Silver Birch a promise シルバー・バーチから約束を取り付けていた


 253. (交霊会主催者ハンネン・スワッハーの序文 =3=)

   Silver Birch is a teacher. He does not heal. He seldom gives evidential messages. Now and then, he apologizes for that, saying that he often regrets that he confined his mastery of the medium to teaching. Although he regards this teaching as all-important, he recognizes that the world needs evidence of Survival.
    During recent years, I have taken all sorts of people to hear Silver Birch talk―ministers of religion, journalists, people from all parts of the world. I have never heard from any one of them a word of criticism of anything he said.
    One parson who took to him his theological difficulties found himself reduced to silence when, in simple words, Silver Birch explained what he calls "the Law".
    "Write down the most difficult questions you can think of," I had said to the minister, beforehand. He went along, eager to challenge one of those spirit guides he had heard so often condemned by men of his cloth. He came away confounded. Silver Birch had made difficult theology too simple for a theologian.

  Teachings of Silver Birch  edited by A.W.Austen,
    Psychic Press Ltd, London, 1991,pp.ⅵ-ⅶ


   * evidential messages 霊魂不滅を証明するような話
   * men of his cloth 彼と同じく牧師である人たち


 254. (交霊会主催者ハンネン・スワッハーの序文 =4=)

   Now my home circle, of whom Silver Birch is the guide, sits every Friday night. Regularly every week, Psychic News prints a verbatim record of what he says. It is given to our home circle not for our private use, but so that it can be broadcast right across the world.
   As a consequence, Silver Birch has more followers than any earthly preacher. They belong to every clime and to almost every race, and are people of all shades of colour.
   Yet, put down in cold print, Silver Birch's words cannot do more than convey a little of the nobility of his character, the warmth of his friendship and the natural dignity of his utterance. Sometimes, they compel tears. We know that we are in the presence, however humbly he may speak, of a high, exalted spirit. He never reproves. He never finds fault.
   The Churches talk of Jesus of Nazareth, of whom they know little, and of whose existence they have no proof. Silver Birch talks of "The Nazarene", as he calls him, as the highest of all the spiritual beings with whom he has contact, and, as Silver Birch has proved to us, after years of close association, that he could not lie, we know, if only because he says so, that the Jesus of the New Testament is still functioning, still engaged on that divine mission which once brought him to this earth. So, to us, the words, "Lo, I am with you always, even unto the end of the world," have a meaning which the Churches cannot explain.

 キリスト教会ではナザレのイエスについてよく語られるが、教会の人たちは、イエスのことを、よく知ってはいない。イエスという人物が存在していた事実についても、何の証拠ももっていない。しかし、シルバー・バーチは、彼が霊界で会っている霊団の高位霊の中では、“ナザレ人”イエスを最高の霊格者として語っている。シルバー・バーチは、私たちとの長年の親しい付き合いのなかで、決して嘘をつくような人でないことは私たちもよく知っている。そのシルバー・バーチが、新約聖書のイエスはかつてこの地上で果たしてきた神の使徒としての使命を、いまもなお果たし続けていると言っているのである。そのことがわかって初めて、"見よ、わたしは世の終わりまで、いつもあなたがたと共にいるのである”(マタイ28-20) というイエスのことばの本当の意味が理解できるようになる。いまのキリスト教会では、このことが説明できない。

  * It is given to our home circle その所有権(版権)は私たちの交霊会にある
    * they compel tears (シルバー・バーチのことばは)聴衆に感動の涙を流させる
  * The Churches キリスト教会
  * is still functioning いまでも(使命を)果たしつつある


 255. (交霊会主催者ハンネン・スワッハーの序文 =5=)

    When, in the pages which follow, you read Silver Birch's teaching, you must understand that it is all written down in the dark by a reporter who uses Braille notepaper, and who, expert stenographer though he is, is often tested severely to keep pace with the rapidity of Silver Birch's speech. On no occasion has a single word to be altered. Silver Birch's words flow in perfect English. Only the punctuation marks have to be put in, and even for these there is always a natural place which could not be mistaken.
   Silver Birch's philosophy, as you will easily understand, is that of a Pantheist, a man who realizes that God is found in Nature itself, that there is an unalterable Law which governs everything, and that God is the Law.
    "You are within the Great Spirit," says Silver Birch, "and the Great Spirit is within you." So we learn we are all potential gods, part of the great creative principle which is Everything.
    Yet Silver Birch does not stop at unapplied philosophy. He forces home, always, the lesson that we are here to do a job. He sums up religion in the one word "Service," and strives to teach us, clumsy instruments though we may be, that we are in this world so that we may make an end of war, abolish poverty and hasten the time when God's bounty will be spread in all its lavishness among all the peoples of the world.
    "Our allegiance," says Silver Birch, "is not to a Creed, not to a Book, not to a Church, but to the Great Spirit of Life and to His eternal natural laws."

  Teachings of Silver Birch  edited by A.W.Austen,
    Psychic Press Ltd, London, 1991,pp.ⅷ-ⅸ

 シルバー・バーチはそれを、"あなた方は神の中に存在し、神はあなた方の中に存在しているのです” と説く。その意味では、私たちはみんな潜在的な神なのであり、宇宙のすべての存在原理の一部であるということになる。

   * a reporter who uses Braille notepaper 点字用のノートを使って速記を取る記者
   * an unalterable Law絶対不変の神の法則

   * unapplied philosophy  (実際に役立たない)理屈だけの哲学
   * a Book 聖書のような本


 256 (編集者A.W. オースティンによる序文)


   These teachings from Silver Birch―he insists that he is not the author, but the messenger through whom they are relayed from higher sources―are not put forward as the infallible utterances of a being possessed of all wisdom. It is not the object of spirit intercourse that we should denude ourselves of the critical faculty and accept blindly the words of another, whether in this world or the next. Nor is it the desire to create a new Orthodoxy, for revelation is progressive and is dependent on our capacity to receive it.
    The appeal of Silver Birch is to Reason, and if anything he says is not acceptable to the reader's reason then it should be rejected or at least left as an open question pending further evidence.
    To make the book more useful for reference, I have selected from the reports of hundreds of sittings the teachings of the guide on each specific subject. It should not be assumed that each chapter is a report of one long, connected speech. It may be composed of extracts from Silver Birch's remarks spread over thirty or forty seances. It has been my task to group these extracts in such a way as to preserve continuity of thought throughout the treatment of each subject.

  March, 1938. A. W. AUSTEN.

  Teachings of Silver Birch  edited by A.W.Austen,
    Psychic Press Ltd, London, 1991,p.ⅹ


   1938年3月 A.W.オースティン

   *denude ourselves of the critical faculty 批判力を投げ捨てる
   *a new Orthodoxy 従来のものとは異なる新しい宗教
   * to preserve continuity of thought 思想の一貫性を保つ