201. (地上で発揮された才能は霊界へきてからも発揮されます)

  [Whence comes inspiration?]

   Are people of a certain craft―for instance, newspaper men―helped by identifiable newspaper men who have passed on?

      Yes, nothing is lost in your world or in mine. The talent that expresses itself in your world continues to unfold and evolve in the realm of spirit, and the higher it evolves the more it realizes that it must find an instrument through whom it can express itself. So it always seeks to further its evolution by finding one through whom its powers can be revealed. Sometimes that inspiration is unconscious, sometimes it is known. Sometimes so strong is the impressing personality that the stamp of his character is revealed in the inspiration.

      Is that inspiration collective, or is it through one individual?

      It is both, because all labour in our world is co-operative. We do not expend our energies except in group service. But each of us has to find the instrument through whom he can best express himself.

  Teachings of Silver Birch  edited by A.W.Austen,
    Psychic Press Ltd, London, 1991,pp.200-201






   * the stamp of his character is revealed  人柄の特徴が表れる


 202. (あなた方は神のミニチュアです)

   If nearly everything is received inspirationally, as we are sometimes told about great poets, painters, etc., where does individual originality begin?

      I know nothing about beginnings or endings. The Great Spirit is life, life is the Great Spirit. All the seeds of life have been sown. All that is in the universe, as far as my knowledge takes me, always was and always will be. You are all parts of the Great Spirit, with His spirit embedded within the physical body. In miniature, you are the Great Spirit and have access to all the powers of the Great Spirit, according to the evolution of your soul―that is the range that you can receive of all the power that is within the universe.
      So that, whilst you cannot create, you can add to, you can shape, you can build, you can deflect, you can improve, you can beautify, you can combine, and you can do much to make better the world in which you live and the universe of which your world of matter is a very small part. The Great Spirit has provided His children with all the materials and the tools. They can help you to fashion, but they cannot create.

  Teachings of Silver Birch  edited by A.W.Austen,
    Psychic Press Ltd, London, 1991,p.201



 * as far as my knowledge takes me 私の知る限りでは
  * that is the range that you can receive of all the power すべての力の中で、あなた方が使える力の範囲



 203. (人が唯物的になればなるほど波長は低くなります)

   Is hypnotism a good subject for study?

   If the man who hypnotizes is of good intent, and desires to use his power for service―then, of course, it is good. The hypnotist is only tapping some of the latent powers of the soul.

      What is it that the hypnotist gets in touch with?

      The over-self, which is the same as the Great Spirit within. I have often told you that, if you could realize the power within you, and if you would use that power, it would enable you to overcome every difficulty. Those powers can be contacted by development, by attuning yourselves to higher vibrations, by living better lives of service, by raising your spirits. The more you are of the earth earthy, the lower are the vibrations to which you respond. The higher you reach out in self-abnegation, the higher are the vibrations to which you respond and the more the Great Spirit that is within you can express itself.

  Teachings of Silver Birch  edited by A.W.Austen,
    Psychic Press Ltd, London, 1991,p.202





  * The more you are of the earth earthy, 人が物質にとらわれ世俗的になればなるほど
  *of the earth=earthy (表現を繰り返して強調している)


 204. (残念なのはいいことなのです)

   Is the Great Spirit within a separate entity, capable of reasoning, thinking and acting independently of the conscious self?

   No, it is conditioned by that part of the conscious mind which is now expressed through your material body. It is only conditioned in that way while you are living in the world of matter. It is not conditioned under the influence of hypnotism, because the hypnotist is like the gaoler who opens the prison door and allows the prisoner to escape. If the hypnotist is of good intent, he can perform great service, for he can stimulate the divine within. But, also, he can stimulate the animal within. But always remember that the consciousness which you now express is but a very small fragment of the consciousness which one day you will express.

      That makes us a little dissatisfied.

      Yes, it is good to be dissatisfied. Smug satisfaction is no incentive to progress.

  Teachings of Silver Birch  edited by A.W.Austen,
    Psychic Press Ltd, London, 1991,pp.202-203





  * which one day you will express いつか(霊界へ移ったときに)あなた方が表す顕在意識
  * is no incentive to progress (魂の)進歩のためには役立たない


 205. (魂の成長のための近道はありません)

       Is hypnotism as an aid to mediumship possible and advisable?

   It has been tried, but it has been found that once the guides take charge the power of the hypnotist in your world is at an end, for the medium does not then come within the range of his influence. It is not advisable because once a medium has become subject to spirit power he is outside the influence of the hypnotist. It would be better for him to start his development in seances so that the spirit power can begin gradually to exert its influence over him.

      You do not regard hypnotism as a short cut to psychic development?

    No, there are no "short cuts". You are dealing with the soul and its faculties, and it has taken many millions of years to bring you to where you are today. It is because your world has tried to ignore the spiritual things that it has brought about so many of its disasters. The things of the spirit require careful nurture and slow growth.

  Teachings of Silver Birch  edited by A.W.Austen,
    Psychic Press Ltd, London, 1991,p.203





  * he is outside the influence of the hypnotist  催眠術者の力は霊媒には及ばなくなってしまう
  * the soul and its faculties霊魂と霊能力


 206. (魂はあらゆる空間に満ちて存在しています)

   With what do we control our physical bodies, and where is it situated?

      I do not know where it is. I cannot find it. Your men of science think that they can cut up the body and find the soul hidden in one of the corners. Or perhaps it flows through one of the veins, or perhaps it is secreted in one of the organs. There is no part of the body where the soul dwells.

      Is the soul within the body?

      You cannot speak in terms of within or without when you speak of the soul, for the soul has no within and no without. The soul fills all space. It is consciousness. It is not subjected to the limitations of a body, but can range through all infinity, reaching to its height of evolution. It can span your world of matter in a flash. When you travel in your spirit body to a far-off country, where is your soul? You think in terms of your world's measurements. We have no such difficulties to overcome. There is no space to be bounded by the soul. Our consciousness can function in any part of your world as our will dictates.

  Teachings of Silver Birch  edited by A.W.Austen,
    Psychic Press Ltd, London, 1991,p.206





  * it is secreted in one of the organs 魂は器官のどこかに潜んでいる


 207. (私にとっては魂とは内在する神のことです)

      What is the difference between soul and spirit?

      I do not care what names you give to things. I did not make your dictionaries. The soul, to me, is the Great Spirit within. The spirit is the body through which it expresses itself. But other people use words in other ways.

      What is the spirit, apart from its vehicles of expression?

      The spirit is that part of the Great Spirit―that which you call God―which expresses itself through successive vehicles as it unfolds higher and higher. We have no knowledge of the spirit apart from its expression, for until the spirit expresses itself we do not know it.

      What is our conscience?

      It is that part of your soul which discerns between the right and the wrong. It is the balance which enables you to understand that the scale is weighed down on either side. It is the pointer of your soul.

  Teachings of Silver Birch  edited by A.W.Austen,
    Psychic Press Ltd, London, 1991,pp.206-207







  * as it unfolds higher and higher 霊が高く進化していくにつれて


 208. (オーラがあなたの永遠の審判者です)

      What is the aura?

      The aura consists of the vibrations set up by the body. There are many auras, but the ones that are known to your world are the auras that surround the physical body and the spirit body. All things have auras, even things which do not have consciousness within them. The aura consists of the vibrations that emanate from the body, and according to the state of the body, so there are different vibrations. Those who can see the auras and can interpret them know all the secrets of the individual.
      They can diagnose the health of the individual. They know the state of his soul and his mind's unfoldment. They can tell the evolution of that soul, for it is the aura that enables you all to be read as an open book. Your aura registers all that you have said, all that you have thought; and all that you have done. Your aura is your eternal judgment, for there you are showing to those who can see exactly what you are within and not as you show yourselves without.

   Do you refer to the aura of the spirit body?

   Yes. The aura of the physical body has more to do with physical things, such as the health, the temper or habits. All these things register in different colours.

  Teachings of Silver Birch  edited by A.W.Austen,
    Psychic Press Ltd, London, 1991,pp.207-208





  * not as you show yourselves without 外部には見えていないようなことも


 209 (あなた方の時間と空間の計測は正確ではありません)

    What causes hauntings in the cases where there is a mechanical repetition of events, such as monks walking the passages of monasteries?

   Some hauntings are caused by spirits, but in the cases you mention they are caused by intense concentration on earth, leaving an etheric picture which can still be registered. Usually, however, that which your world calls a ghost is one we recognize as an earthbound spirit.

   Is time real or artificial?

      Time is not artificial, but it has many dimensions. What is artificial is your measurement of it. Time itself is a reality. It exists. Space exists. But your measurements are not accurate because you view time and space from a limited focus. When you have the knowledge of other factors, then the focus becomes more in line with the truth.

  Teachings of Silver Birch  edited by A.W.Austen,
    Psychic Press Ltd, London, 1991,p.208





      * intense concentration on earth 地上に残された強い念
  * an earthbound spirit 地上に執念を残した霊(地縛霊)
      * becomes more in line with the truth 真実により近くなる


 210 (いつでも本当のことを知ってもらう方がいいのです)

      Can a lie, told for a good motive, be justified in the sight of God?

      I do not understand what is meant by "in the sight of God." You register on your own souls every deed, every thought, every word, so that you are the result of your own evolution, known to all those who can see with the eyes of the spirit. If you have not done that which is right, in deed or word or thought, then your own evolution suffers as a result.

      Does the telling of a lie, for good motives, adversely affect one’s evolution?

   I do not believe in telling lies. There is a time for silence, but it is always better that the truth shall be known.

      Is it possible, through physical disability for the physical self to act in an entirely contrary manner to the desire of the spiritual self?

   Yes, as in the case of lunatics, but that does not affect the evolution of the soul. It only affects its expression in the world of matter. You must always allow for a difference between a soul's evolutipn and its limited expression in your world.

  Teachings of Silver Birch  edited by A.W.Austen,
    Psychic Press Ltd, London, 1991,pp.208-209







   * allow for a difference 相違を考慮に入れる



   Is it possible for a man who lived a wicked life on earth to remain unrepentant in the spirit world?

      Yes, it is quite possible. There are many who do for hundreds and sometimes thousands of years.

   Could such a person influence one on this earth to his detriment?

   If there is an attraction between them. Your world must learn that obsessions are not caused by our world but by yours, for you provide the conditions. If your lives were lived in conditions of harmony and right thinking, in service and not for self, for greed and only for personal desire, then it would be impossible for obsessions to happen.

   Have flowers and plants consciousness?

      Not as you understand it, but they have response to vibrations which your world does not yet understand. There are many who can use these vibrations and succeed with flowers and vegetables and plants because they have sometimes by accident found the secret of those vibrations.

  Teachings of Silver Birch  edited by A.W.Austen,
    Psychic Press Ltd, London, 1991,p.209







  * If there is an attraction between them. 両者の間にもし互いに惹きつけ合うような関係があれば(そうなる)。


  212 (今の牧師たちは霊の力に動かされることがありません)

 [Debate with a Methodist minister]

  "Did you have any fear when you left this world?"
   "No. All we Red Indians were psychic, and we understood it was nothing to be afraid of. We were psychic like the man who founded your religion―Wesley. He was moved by the power of the spirit. You know that?"
   "Yes," said the minister.
   "But they do not move by the 'power of the spirit' now," went on the guide. "There are many links in the chain which leads to the Great White Spirit, and the lowest ones in your world are linked to the highest angels, as you call them, in the world of spirit. No one in your world is so bad that he is not in touch with the Great White Spirit, Whom you call God."

  Teachings of Silver Birch  edited by A.W.Austen,
    Psychic Press Ltd, London, 1991,p.224




  * when you left this world (3千年前に)あなたが死んだ時
  * we Red Indians 霊界の高位霊であるが、謙遜してインディアンといっている


 213 (この世での最大の罪は神に逆らう罪です)

   "What is the greatest sin people commit on earth?" asked the Methodist.
   "There are many, many sins," was the answer; "but the greatest sin of all is the sin against the Great Spirit."
     "Tell him what that means," interposed a sitter.
    "It is those who know, and deny the Great Spirit," explained the spirit. "That is the biggest sin of all."
    "What do you think of the Revised Version?" asked the parson. "Which is better, the Revised or the Authorized?"
    "The words do not matter," said the guide. "It is what you do, my son, that counts. The truth of the Great White Spirit is found in many books, and also in the hearts of those who try to serve Him, wherever they are, and whoever they might be. That is the greatest Bible of all."

  Teachings of Silver Birch  edited by A.W.Austen,
    Psychic Press Ltd, London, 1991,p.225


   * sitter 交霊会の参加者
   * the Great White Spirit =the Great Spirit =God


 214 (霊界へくるときにはあるがままの姿でやってきます)

     "Suppose they do not get converted before they die?" asked the clergyman. "What happens then?"
     "I do not understand what you mean by 'converted,' " said Silver Birch. "Put it more plainly."
   "Suppose a man lives a wicked life, and passes on," said the minister. "Another man makes a mental resolve to do right. What will the difference between the two men be in the other realm?"
   "I will tell you from your own book," said the spirit. "That which a man sows, that shall he reap! You cannot change that. You bring into our world what you are not what you think you are, and not what you try to show other people you are. It is what you are inside. You will be able to see it for yourself when you come here."

  Teachings of Silver Birch  edited by A.W.Austen,
    Psychic Press Ltd, London, 1991,pp.225-226


  * You bring into our world what you are あなた方は自分のあるがままの姿になって霊界へやってくる


 215 (この人は3千年前に亡くなっているのですよ)

  To the parson, the guide added: "Are you surprised that an old Indian knows so much about your Bible?"
   "You seem to know a lot about it," said the Methodist.
  "He has been dead three thousand years," said one of the circle.
  "Did you know David?" asked the parson, making a quick sum in his head. David lived about B.C. 1000.
  "I am not a white man," said the guide. "I am a Red Indian. I lived in the mountains of the North-West of America. I am what you call a savage. But I have seen in your western world more savagery and cruelty and ignorance than ever I saw among the humble Indians three thousand years ago. All the cruelty that the white people practise, even today, on those who are economically worse than themselves, is one of the greatest sins against the Great White Spirit."

  Teachings of Silver Birch  edited by A.W.Austen,
    Psychic Press Ltd, London, 1991,p.226


     * one of the circle 交霊会の出席者の一人


 216 (神の分身というのは誰の中にもあります)

   "How do you find the people on the Other Side?" asked the parson. "Do they feel remorse acutely?"
    "What men are most sorry for is that which they have left undone," explained the spirit. "When you come into our world, you will see for yourself. You will see everything you have done and everything you have not done which you ought to have done. You will look at those neglected opportunities, and that will cause your remorse."
    "What do you say about faith in Christ?" asked the minister. "Is that something which satisfies God? If you have faith in him you try to follow his example."
    "Not those who say 'Lord, Lord,' " quoted the guide, "but those who do the works of my Father. That is all that matters ―not what you say or believe, nor even what you think, but what you do. If you have no faith at all, and you help to uplift the fallen, to give bread to the hungry, and light to those who grope in darkness, then you are doing the work of the spirit."
   One of the sitters asked whether Jesus was part of the Godhead.
    "The Nazarene was a great master, who came into your world," explained the Indian spirit. "They did not listen to his teaching. They crucified him. They are still crucifying him. There is a part of the Great White Spirit in everybody, but in some more of the Great Spirit shows than in others."

  Teachings of Silver Birch  edited by A.W.Austen,
    Psychic Press Ltd, London, 1991,pp.226-227


  * on the Other Side 霊界では
  * the work of the spirit 神の御心に沿った仕事


 217 (イエスは自分に祈れとは言っていないのです)

   "Christ is universally admitted as being the best man who ever lived," said the parson. "Such a man could not lie. He said: 'I and my Father are one. He that hath seen me hath seen the Father.' Did not that indicate that he was God?"
   "You must read the Bible again," came the reply. "He said: 'My Father is greater than 1,’ didn't he?"
   "Yes," admitted the parson.
    "Didn't he also teach you to pray and say 'Our Father which art in Heaven'? He did not teach you to pray to him. If he taught people to pray to his Father, how could he be his 'Father which art in Heaven'? He did not say: 'Pray to me,’ but he said: 'Pray to our Father.' "

  Teachings of Silver Birch  edited by A.W.Austen,
    Psychic Press Ltd, London, 1991,p.227


  * how could he be his 'Father which art in Heaven'?


 218 (神の真理を学べるのは苦難を通してのみです)

   "Why do we get so much pain in this world?" asked the parson.
   "It is only through pain that you learn the truth of the Great White Spirit," was the reply. "Out of the crucible of bitter experience you understand the truth of the laws which govern your world."
   "Many people seem to have no pain," said the visitor. "You are a man of God," replied the guide, "and you must learn to understand that it is the things of the spirit that count, and not the things of the body. The pain of the spirit is greater than the pain of the body."

  Teachings of Silver Birch  edited by A.W.Austen,
    Psychic Press Ltd, London, 1991,p.230


 * Out of the crucible of bitter experience 厳しい試練の坩堝でもまれることによって


 219 (神の法則は決して変わることがありません)

   "The present system does seem unfair," said one of the circle.
   "One day," was Silver Birch's reply, "everything that happens in your life will be adjusted. One day you will hold in your own hands a pair of scales and adjust the balance yourselves. You cannot escape the natural law that you reap what you sow in this world. You think some get off lightly. But they do not. You cannot see inside their souls.
   "The Law of the Great White Spirit is the only law that I recognize. I do not recognize the laws of man. The laws of man have to be altered, and changed, but never the laws of the Great White Spirit. Unless your world is suffering, you are not able to call attention to all the things that you must put right. All the pain and the suffering and the evil are there because you, who are parts of the Great White Spirit, must learn how to overcome them.

  Teachings of Silver Birch  edited by A.W.Austen,
    Psychic Press Ltd, London, 1991,p.230


   * a pair of scales天秤
   * get off lightly当然受けるべき報いもあまり受けないで逃れる


 220 (私は過去を悔やんでいる多くの聖職者たちに会っています)

    I meet a lot of clergymen here who realize their remorse. They look back and see where they have failed to teach the message of the spirit, where they have concerned themselves about books, words, and sayings, and not enough about doings. They want to come back if they can. I show them how to inspire men like you, so that, through you and others, a new truth of the Great White Spirit may be borne once more in the world.
  "You must understand that you live in a world which is falling to pieces, and that you are witnessing the beginning of a new order―a time when the Kingdom of Heaven shall come on earth. It will be accompanied by much pain and suffering and tears, but in the end the Great White Spirit will return to your midst. Each one of you can help to bring the new world into being, for you all are parts of the Great White Spirit, and can help to do His work."

  Teachings of Silver Birch  edited by A.W.Austen,
    Psychic Press Ltd, London, 1991,p.231-232


   * It will be accompanied by~ そのためには~が必要になる
   * bring the new world into being 新天地を実現せしめる


 221 (人間の努力というのはすべて人格の形成に大変重要です)

   "Is it possible for people on earth to live perfect lives, to be sanctified and made holy?" was the minister's first question at the second seance. "Is it possible for us to love everybody?"
   "No, it is not possible, but you can try," said Silver Birch. "All the efforts you make are very important in the building of your character. If you never were angry, never bitter, and never lost your temper, you would cease to be human. The Law is that you are put here to develop your spirit, so that it can grow and grow. It never stops growing in your world or in mine."
   "What did Jesus mean when he said: 'Be ye perfect even as your Father which is in Heaven is perfect'? "
   "He meant you must try to be perfect," replied the guide. "That is the ideal you should try to express in your life―to express the Great White Spirit that is in you."

  Teachings of Silver Birch  edited by A.W.Austen,
    Psychic Press Ltd, London, 1991,p.232


  *Be ye perfect even as your Father which is in Heaven is perfect (マタイ5-48)


 222. (イエスは一度も怒ったことはなかったか)

  "The passage I quoted occurs in the last verse of the 5th chapter of St. Matthew," explained the visitor. "It comes after Christ was speaking about universal love, and he said that 'certain people love their neighbours and some people love their friends, but be ye therefore perfect, ye are the children of God.' The idea is that God loves everybody, and we should love everybody. Do you think that Christ would have given us a command which we could not carry out?"
  "You want to make all the world like the Nazarene!" exclaimed Silver Birch. "Do you think that he lived a perfect life in your world?"
  "Yes, I think he lived a perfect life."
  "Do you think he was never angry?"
   "I think he was disgusted with certain things that went on."
   "Do you think he was never angry?" persisted the guide.
   "I think he was never angry in the sense that it is wrong to be angry."
   "That is not the question I asked you. I asked you whether he was ever angry; not could you justify it, because you can always justify anything."

  Teachings of Silver Birch  edited by A.W.Austen,
    Psychic Press Ltd, London, 1991,pp.232-233


  * the visitor 交霊会への訪問者(牧師)
  * all the world 世界中の人々
  * not could you justify it 言い訳でない答え方を(してほしい)


 223 (イエスもまた一人の人間であったことを知ってください)

   One of the sitters recalled the incident when Jesus turned the money-changers out of the temple.
    "That is what I meant," said the spirit. "You must not try to read into the life of the Nazarene something that did not happen. He was very angry when he saw people in your world desecrate the temple of the Great White Spirit, and he took whips to whip them out. That was anger. I do not say it was not justified, but it was anger, and anger is a human passion.
   "I only tell you that to show you that he had some human qualities. When you try to follow the example of the Nazarene, you must understand that he was a human being in whom there was a great manifestation of the Great White Spirit―a greater manifestation in his case than there has been in other cases. Is that clear?"

  Teachings of Silver Birch  edited by A.W.Austen,
    Psychic Press Ltd, London, 1991,p.233


  * I do not say it was not justified それがいけないと言っている訳ではない


 224 (高い玉座にイエスを祭り上げてはいけません)

  "I am only trying to help you. You must not think that the way to please the Nazarene is to put him on a very high pedestal where nobody else can reach him. You please him only when you make him like you and like every other man in the physical world. He does not want to be above. He wants to be with them. He wants to be an example, so that everyone else can do the things he did. If you put him so high that no one in your world can follow him, then all his life is in vain."

  Teachings of Silver Birch  edited by A.W.Austen,
    Psychic Press Ltd, London, 1991,pp.233-234


  * you make him like youイエスをあなたと同じ人間して扱う


 225. (神の法則からはみ出さない限り人間は自由なのです)

    "Do you think we have free will?" asked the minister, changing the subject.

   "Yes. Free will is the law."
   "Don't you think that sometimes a man is made to do things under impulses over which he has no control? Is he impelled to do things, or has he free will?"
   "What do you think?" queried the guide.
  "I think we are free agents," said the minister.
   "You are all given free will," Silver Birch explained, "except that you must live all your lives within the Law of the Great White Spirit. The laws which are laid down by His love, for the use of all His children, are there, and you cannot change them. Within all these limits you are free."

  Teachings of Silver Birch  edited by A.W.Austen,
    Psychic Press Ltd, London, 1991,p.234


   * free agents 自由を行使する主体(自由な人間)


 226. (不正を行なった場合はその人の魂がそれを知っています)

   "If we are free, then sin is a terrible thing," declared the visitor. "If a man sins wilfully, it seems more terrible than if he were impelled to do it."
    "I can only tell you this: Whatever wrong is done in your world, the one who does that wrong must put it right. If he does not put it right in your world, then he must put it right from our world."
    "Do you think that some people have very strong hereditary tendencies in things that are not ideal?" asked the Methodist. "It is easier for some people to be good than others."
    "That is a very hard question," confessed the spirit, "because each one of you has free will. When you do that which is not right, inside your heart you know it is not right. Whether you resist it or not depends on the character which you have grown for yourself. The sin is bad or worse only according to the harm that it does."

  Teachings of Silver Birch  edited by A.W.Austen,
    Psychic Press Ltd, London, 1991,pp.234-235


  * very strong hereditary tendencies in things that are not ideal
  = 良くないことをする強い遺伝的傾向


 227. (肉体で犯す罪も心や魂で犯す罪もみんな罪は罪です)

   This immediately brought the question: "Doesn't that cut across the idea that sin is an intellectual thing? If sin is only bad in relation to its consequences, then sins of thought do not count at all."
    "All sin is sin," was the reply. "Whether you sin with the body or the mind or the spirit, it is all sin. You asked just now whether man acts on impulse. Where does the impulse come from?"
   "From thought."
    "Where do the thoughts come from?" asked Silver Birch.
   The minister hesitated and said: "The good thoughts come from God."
    "Where do the bad ones come from?" persisted the spirit.
   "I don't know."

  Teachings of Silver Birch  edited by A.W.Austen,
    Psychic Press Ltd, London, 1991,p.235


    * sin is an intellectual thing 罪は頭で考えて犯すものである
    * sins of thought 心の中で思っただけの罪


 228. (神は罪と穢れの中にもおられるのです)

  "The Great White Spirit is in everything," declared Silver Birch, "in that which is wrong and in that which is right. He is in the sun and in the storm; in everything that is beautiful and everything that is ugly. He is in the sky and the ocean, the thunder and the lightning; not only in beauty and goodness, but in sin and ugliness. Do not you understand; you cannot limit the Great White Spirit? The whole world is His creation, and His spirit is everywhere.
   "You cannot cut off anything and say that does not belong to the Great White Spirit. You must not say that the sunshine comes from the Great White Spirit and the rain, which destroys the crops, comes from the devil. The Great White Spirit is in everything. You are like an instrument which can receive thoughts and send out thoughts, but the thoughts that you receive depend upon your character and your spirit. If you live what you call a perfect life, then you can only receive the perfect thoughts. But because you are human, you receive all kinds of thoughts―just those thoughts which your soul and your mind are capable of receiving. Is that clear to you?"

  Teachings of Silver Birch  edited by A.W.Austen,
    Psychic Press Ltd, London, 1991,pp.235-236


  * You are like an instrument 人間というのは媒体のようなもの
  * what you call a perfect life あなたが言うような「完璧な生活』


 229. (神の法則は決してごまかすことができないのです)

   "Yes, I think so," was the minister's comment. "Suppose anyone gets on in life and finds that he has received and followed the bad and neglected the good. He is about to pass over and his life is worrying him. What is your opinion of the peace which people profess to experience when they accept the words, 'By faith are ye saved'? What do you think about the doctrine of conversion?"
   Without hesitation the spirit replied: "I quote words from your book, which I think you know: 'What shall it profit a man if he shall gain the whole world and lose his own soul?' Then there are some more words which say: 'Seek ye first the kingdom of God, and all these things shall be added unto you.' You know those words well, but do you understand them? Do you realize that they are real, they happen, they are the Law? You know those words which say: 'Whatsoever a man soweth, he shall reap.'
   "How can you cheat the Law of the Great White Spirit? Do you think a man who all his physical life has neglected his opportunities to help his fellow-beings, can, on his death-bed, be converted and his spirit alter in one second? Do you think he can blot out all the things which he should have done, which register themselves on his spirit body?
    "Do you think that in the sight of the Great White Spirit a man who has neglected his own spirit is on an equal basis with the man who strives all his physical life to work for the Great White Spirit and for His children? Do you think the Law of the Great White Spirit can be just if, because a man says he is sorry, he could wipe out all his sins? Do you think so?"

  Teachings of Silver Birch  edited by A.W.Austen,
    Psychic Press Ltd, London, 1991,p.236


    * gets on in life 世間で成功する
    * By faith are ye saved. 信仰があなたを救った(ルカ:17-19)
    * What shall it profit a man if he shall gain the whole world and lose his own soul (ルカ:9-25)
      * Seek ye first the kingdom of God, and all these things shall be added unto you. (マタイ:6-33)
    * they are real, they happen, they are the Law これらの言葉は本当のことをいっているのであり、実際に起こることでもあり、神の法則である
    * Whatsoever a man soweth, he shall reap. (ガラテヤ:6-7)
    * register themselves on his spirit body 彼の魂に記録されている


 230. (告白によって罪を拭い去ることはできません)

   "But what message have I got for a dying man if I have to tell him he has made a mess of things and must make up for it?" the parson asked.
    "Tell him this from me," Silver Birch answered. "If he is a real man, in whom there is something of the Great White Spirit, then he, as a man, will want to put right all the things which he put wrong. If he wants to escape from the consequences of all his own actions, then I say he is not a man; he is only a coward."
    "When a man confesses his sins, don't you think he is doing a thing that not everyone has the courage to do?" was the next question.
    "It is only a step in the right direction," said Silver Birch. "But the confession does not wipe out the sin. He had free will, and he chose to do wrong instead of doing right. He cannot escape the consequences. He must put it right. He only cheats himself by thinking he can say a magic formula to gain escape. He must reap what he has sown; that is the Law."

  Teachings of Silver Birch  edited by A.W.Austen,
    Psychic Press Ltd, London, 1991,pp.237-238


  * a magic formula to gain escape 罪を逃れるための魔法のような決まり文句


 231. (聖書にはいまの実情にあわないことも沢山含まれています)

    The minister persisted: "But Jesus said: 'Come unto me....and I will give you rest'."
   The spirit asked the minister if he knew these words: " 'The letter killeth, but the spirit giveth life.' " Then he added: "You cannot take all the words and say that you must accept their literal meaning, because if you do, there are many things in that book which you do not do today. You know that."
   Once again the parson quoted: “Jesus said: ‘The good shepherd giveth his life for the sheep.' I always preach the doctrine of forgiveness, implying that if a person accepts the forgiveness that Christ offers, and at the same time he tacitly admits that the whole law of Christ governs his life, his life is then one great offering of love."

  Teachings of Silver Birch  edited by A.W.Austen,
    Psychic Press Ltd, London, 1991,p.238


  * because if you do 文字通りに理解したら(~誤解することになる)
  * Come unto me....and I will give you rest. (マタイ:11-23)
    * The letter killeth, but the spirit giveth life. (コリントⅡ:3-6)
  * The good shepherd giveth his life for the sheep. (ヨハネ:10-11)


 232. (聖書は後の世の人によって多くが付け加えられたものです)

    Silver Birch forced home this lesson: "The Great Spirit has implanted in you some of His own reason. I plead with you to use that reason. If you do anyone a big wrong, and you confess it, that confession helps your spirit, but it does not alter the fact that you have done some wrong. Until you have put it right in the eyes of the Great White Spirit, the sin will remain. That is the Law, my son. You cannot alter laws, not even by quoting words from books, which you say the Nazarene said.
    "I tried to explain to you before. Not all those words were said by him, but many of them were added afterwards. When you say 'The Nazarene said' you mean you think the Nazarene said those things. What I want you to try and understand is that the same spirit, the same inspiration, the same force of the Great White Spirit which made the Nazarene the great master that he is, is waiting for you, if you open your heart to receive it from the Great White Spirit.
   "You are a part of the Great White Spirit. All His love, all His power, all His wisdom, knowledge and truth are there waiting for you. You must not go back into the past for the Great White Spirit. He is here now; just as much the Great White Spirit today as He was in the time of the Nazarene, and the same powers He had then, He has now.
    "There are very few instruments through whom He can give His teaching and His power. Why should your Christianity be dependent upon one human being of two thousand years ago? Why cannot all you men of God receive the same inspiration that he did? Why must you go back to what he said?"

  Teachings of Silver Birch  edited by A.W.Austen,
    Psychic Press Ltd, London, 1991,pp.238-239

 (この231の牧師のことばに対して) シルバー・バーチは声を強めてつぎのようにわかりやすく教えようとした。

 * forced home this lesson 強い口調で次のように分かりやすく教えた(home 効果的に)
   * that he is 今も偉大な師である(イエス・キリスト)
 * for the Great White Spirit. 神を捜し求めて
 * instruments (この場合は) 霊覚者たち


 233. (なぜ神をイエスと聖書の中にだけ閉じ込めてしまうのですか)

   "I talk of the work of Christ in me," was the parson's reply. "I believe it is possible to have inspiration."
   "Why do you limit the Great White Spirit to the Nazarene and to one book?" inquired the spirit. "Do you think that the whole of the Great White Spirit was expressed in one person or one book? I am not a Christian. I lived many years before the Nazarene came into your world. Did not the Great White Spirit make any allowance for my spirit to enter into His peace?
    "Do you think all the Great White Spirit can be put into a few pages in one book? Do you think that when that book was finished, He had no more inspiration for His children? Do you think you have come to the end of His power when you have turned the last page of your Bible?"

  Teachings of Silver Birch  edited by A.W.Austen,
    Psychic Press Ltd, London, 1991,p.239


     * make any allowance 僅かばかりの考慮
   * when you have turned the last page最後の頁をめくった時


 234. (私はイエスが涙を浮かべているのを見てきました)

  "I have a much closer touch with the Nazarene than you imagine. I have seen his tears as he watches, because so many of his people and his ministers close their eyes to all the disgrace which goes on in the shadow of their own churches. How can you be content to build churches which are supposed to be the houses of God, fill them with jewels and stained-glass windows, and boast of the building when all the time, in their shadows, there dwell children of the Great White Spirit who have not even necessities of life?

  Teachings of Silver Birch  edited by A.W.Austen,
    Psychic Press Ltd, London, 1991,p.241


   * the disgrace 人間として恥ずかしい事態
     * are supposed to be the houses of God  神の家のつもりの


 235. (魂だけではなく魂の働く肉体をも助けるのです)

    You must not wait for people to come to you. You must go to them.
  You must make your church a centre of light, and feed not only the souls, but the starving physical bodies. Give them not only words of wisdom, but bread and the necessities of life. You must feed their souls and their bodies. You can help not only the spirit, but the body through which the spirit must function. Unless all the churches do this, the physical bodies will die because they do not get that which sustains them.

  Teachings of Silver Birch  edited by A.W.Austen,
    Psychic Press Ltd, London, 1991,pp.242-243


  * through which the spirit must function 魂が機能するために必要な(肉体)


 236. (この者に奉仕のための大きな力をお与えください)

   The guide then gave the parson a benediction: "I pray to the Great White Spirit that, wherever you are, whatever you do, His power and His love may sustain you; that your heart, always filled with a desire to serve, shall be open to the inspiration of the Great White Spirit. May He infuse into you a greater capacity for service, that you may build around you a centre of light, of peace, of happiness, so that all those who come to that centre may understand that it is a place where the Great White Spirit reigns.
   "May He bless you and sustain you and keep you always in His path. May you learn to understand more clearly His purpose, His power, and His plan. God bless you, my son, and go forward."

  Teachings of Silver Birch  edited by A.W.Austen,
    Psychic Press Ltd, London, 1991,p.243


  * a centre of light, of peace, of happiness 光明と平和と幸福の拠り所となる場所
  * keep you always in His path 神の道から逸れることのないよう守る
  * my son 目の前の牧師に対する親しみをこめた呼びかけ


 237. (彼は霊界へ移ってからも奉仕活動を続けています)


   "The 'villains' of yesterday become the heroes of today," said Silver Birch, when, in 1937, he referred to the bicentenary of Thomas Paine, the famous reformer. He went on:

   This is the day that your world of matter pays tribute to one who, though he did not realize it, was filled with the power of the spirit, and who strove in his own day to uplift those who were oppressed and crushed, who struggled to raise the weak and the fallen, who fought against all injustice, and strove to teach man his rightful heritage.
     Those who were in high places fought against that one man, but, because the power of the spirit moved him, that which he did triumphed over all the difficulties of your world. Though he was despised in his day, though he was rejected and persecuted, his work lives on.
     I ask you to learn the lesson of that, for the work you do today is the continuation of that same labour. Though you are obstructed, though you meet with hostility and opposition, it is the same truth that you seek to express. You may not gain recognition from those who should be your allies in the great fight for spiritual and material freedom, but your work will live on because that work is stamped with the seal of divine approval.
     For that holy and sacred task we need all people of good will, for we recognize no earthly leaders and do not distinguish between class or nation, race or colour, religion or lack of it. We only see the works, the service, the efforts made to uplift to help and to succour.
     That is the great lesson to learn on this day, when tribute is paid in your world and in mine to one inspired man. Your world thinks only of his service in the past. We recognize that a soul which was filled with the burning zeal to labour for his fellows has not become extinguished, but that since his passing to my world he has continued to render service, and still continues to give service, using all his power to aid wherever he can those who strive to improve the lot of the children of the Great Spirit.

  Teachings of Silver Birch  edited by A.W.Austen,
    Psychic Press Ltd, London, 1991,pp.203-204

    トマス・ペインを称える (A)



   * Those who were in high places  社会的地位が高かった人たち
   * those who should be your allies 見方であるべきはずの人々
   * the lot of the children of the Great Spirit 神の子らの生活状況


 238. (奉仕に身を捧げること以外に宗教はありません)


     Yours is a strange world. The villains of yesterday become the heroes of today―and often your heroes of today are the villains of tomorrow. Those who are despised in your generation will be eulogized in the generations to come.
     How narrow is the view of those who call themselves religious! They construct round their religion a thick wall of creeds, and refuse to permit any but those who agree with them to come into their little walled sanctuary. They say: "Outside the wall are those who are the Atheists. Inside are the elect, the religious ones, those who believe as we do."
     But the real man of religion is the one who strives to uplift his fellows, who sees only a wrong to be righted, barriers to be crushed, ignorance to be driven out, hunger to be abolished, slums that must be uprooted. He is the real man of religion, for there is no other way of religion except that a man shall lay down his life in the service of humanity.
     I tell you always the same things. I can only give you in a few simple words the spiritual truths that you should know by now. There is nothing new to add to spiritual truth. All that is necessary is that those who dwell in your world should so allow their spiritual natures to function that they will be able to receive more readily the power of the spirit―which, too often, they deny.

  Teachings of Silver Birch  edited by A.W.Austen,
    Psychic Press Ltd, London, 1991,pp.204-205


  * a man shall lay down his life in the service of humanity 人が人類への奉仕に身を捧げる
  * which, too often, they deny そのことは彼らには否定されている


 239. (神はあらゆる生命の存在に関わっておられます)

   No book dealing with the teachings of Silver Birch would be complete without one of his invocations. Every week he opens the circle with a beautiful prayer, stressing the same truths but always couched in different phrasing. This one is typical and has not previously appeared in print:

   I pray to the Great White Spirit that we may be enabled to reveal the operation of the laws that belong to the spiritual realms. I pray that we may be enabled to give a clearer understanding of the Great Spirit and His relationship to all the phenomena of life and to all His children who dwell in the universe.
   The Great Spirit has been so misunderstood throughout the centuries, misinterpreted, limited and restricted that we seek to reveal the Great Spirit as perfect law in operation. The Great Spirit is responsible for every manifestation of life. All that exists does so because of His power and His sustenance. The whole order of creation pays tribute to His Law. The mightiest and the lowliest, the strongest and the weakest, the birds, the flowers, the trees, the wind, the ocean, the mountain, the hills and the vales, the sunshine and the rain, the storm and the lightning―all these are but expressions of the Great Spirit of all life.
   We seek to reveal that all are fashioned in His spiritual image, that His spirit manifests through their being, that they move and breathe and live because the Great Spirit is within them and they are within the Great Spirit. None has the power to come between the child and the Father, for all the inspiration, all the truth, all the wisdom, all the revelation, all the knowledge that belongs to that infinite reservoir can be reached by each child of the Great Spirit as he desires, in aspiration, humility and service, to become an instrument for that mighty power.
     We seek to reveal the greatness latent within every human soul, the mighty force waiting to be released, pent up through misunderstanding, waiting to surge through the physical being and express spiritual heights in their daily lives. We would seek to make all children live lives in fullness, in beauty, in understanding of the purpose for which they were born, so that they might extract from life all the richness, all the sweetness, all the beauty that is theirs for the asking.
     We seek to bring the Great Spirit closer to His children and His children nearer to the Great Spirit, to overcome all the obstacles that stand in the way, to banish all the restrictions and limitations so that the children of His world of matter may know the Great Spirit and seek to reveal Him in service. That is the prayer of Thy Indian servant, who seeks to serve.

  Teachings of Silver Birch  edited by A.W.Austen,
    Psychic Press Ltd, London, 1991,p.211-212



   * reveal the operation of the laws (神の)法則の働きを明らかにする
   * The whole order of creation  創造の全秩序

   * that infinite reservoir (神の)無限の貯蔵庫
   * that is theirs for the asking 求めさえすれば彼らのものになる


 240. (霊界の私たちはあなた方のすぐ傍にいます)

    At the conclusion of every circle, the guide gives the sitters a benediction, always reminding them of the "cloud of witnesses" with which they are surrounded and stressing the inherent divinity of us all. Here is one such benediction:

   I want you to know that we are close to you, even when you cannot hear us, even when it seems that we are invisible, unseen, unheard, unfelt.
    We are around and about you because we love you, and the love that we have for you makes us always seek to serve you and, through you, those who require service―the weak ones, the ones who have lost their strength, the ones who have fallen by the wayside, the derelicts of your world, the weary and struggling souls who do not know where to turn, who can find no comfort in the religion of earthly churches but who have a yearning for truth, those whose souls seek expression but who are choked by the creed and the dogma and the teaching of opposing sects.
    The truth that we teach is the truth of the Great Spirit that knows no bounds and no limitation. It is for all, not for one. It seeks to embrace the whole of humanity within its loving embrace.
    May you become conscious of that mighty power that is around and about you, of the great love that is always being poured into your world, the inspiration that seeks to express itself through you, the truth that is waiting to be revealed, the wisdom that seeks to illumine your world, and may you strive through service to make yourselves accessible to the mighty power of the spirit, so that you may become at one with the great Force, the Great Spirit, that is behind it all, so that, working in unison with His laws and filled with His knowledge, you may become instruments of His servants for all His children. May the Great Spirit bless you all.

  Teachings of Silver Birch  edited by A.W.Austen,
    Psychic Press Ltd, London, 1991,pp.212-213


 私たちはあなた方の近くに、すぐそばにいます。あなた方を愛しているからです。私たちはあなた方を愛しているがゆえに、つねにあなた方に奉仕したいと願い、そして、あなた方を通して、救いを求めている人々にも奉仕していきたいと思っています。世の中の弱者、生きる力をなくした人、路傍に投げだされた人、浮浪者、社会から見捨てられた人、真理を求めつつも世俗の教会の宗教では安らぎを得ることができず、疲労と苦しみの中で歩むべき道を見失っている人、魂が自らの表現を求めているのに、対立する諸派の教義や信条や指導によって窒息させられている人― このような人々に救いの手を差し伸べていきたいのです。

  * the inspiration that seeks to express itself through you あなた方を通して顕れようとしている霊示
  * to make yourselves accessible to あなた方が~を手に入れられるようになる
  * instruments 器(うつわ)